10 beautiful Irish Gins every gin lover must try in 2017

Happy International Gin Day.

As a long time drinker of Gin, I love the new emergence of different Irish distillers producing their own Irish Gins. Gin is so diverse in taste and can be a great tipple in summer and winter. With so many new trends such as Turbo Gin and Hot Gin, you can drink it in so many ways. As I have a fondness for this beverage I have tasted many Gins over the last several years. Many Irish people also seem to have a growing fondness for the gin with Irish gin sales expected to hit 150,000 nine-litre cases by next year.

Here are 10 beautiful Irish Gins that every gin lover must try in 2017

A post shared by South’s Pub (@southsbarlimerick) on 1. Dingle Gin 

This is probably the most well-known of the Irish Gins and it is also one of the micro-distillers to produce gin in Ireland. It is a great all-around Gin and has a fresh taste, like well-known brands such as London Dry. It is Made in small batches of 500 liters and uses Irish botanicals which gives it a nicer flavor than its UK competition. Coming in at approx 36 euro per bottle it is also one of the cheapest Irish gins on the market.

A post shared by Martins Supervalu Clonmel (@martins_supervalu) on 2. Gunpowder Irish Gin 

This GIn has become exceptionally popular in pubs across the county and has become a lot of bars go-to gin. This gin is made in Drumshanbo, Co Leitrim and has a distinct peppery flavour. This is not my favourite gin as I much prefer a fruity flavour however if you prefer a spicy gin, Gunpowder is for you.

A post shared by Paula Tierney (@pawyt) on 3. Thin Gin

No, this gin will not make you skinny, rather it was named after a local man from Waterford who was known to make bathtub gin in the 1920’s. This is a dry Gin and has flavours of apple, hawthorn, elderflower, and tansy. It has won many awards, most recently the Great taste award 2017.

A post shared by pup_boxers (@nataliemowlds) on 4. Mór Irish Gin 

This gin is new on the market and is already gaining in popularity. If Gunpowder is for people who love spicy gin, Mór is for those who love fruity gins. It has a beautiful raspberry flavour and is great with just a regular tonic or some ginger ale

A post shared by Jon Städe-Persson (@gin.jonpersson.dk) on 5. Glendalough Wild Botanical Gin

Made in the Wicklow, this distillery uses local ingredients to create beautiful gins. Although it started out producing potín, it branched out to whiskey and eventually gin. As well as their signature gin, they also create different flavored gins for each season.

A post shared by Sergey Lysikov (@lysikov_s) on 6. St Patricks Elderflower GIn. 

This gin is made in Cork and has received many awards. It is unusual as it uses potato as its base and incorporates the elderflower flavor into the gin as opposed adding it into the tonic. This is a lovely gin and is great with a regular tonic or in a nice fruity cocktail.

A post shared by Tribeton (@tribeton) on 7. Berthas Revenge 

This gin is also unique as the whey from Milk is used to produce sugars to create the Gin. Made in Ballyvolane, Co Cork this gin has lots of peppery flavours and it great for those who prefer a spicy gin. This is a much superior gin to the more well-known spicy gins and is one to add to the list of irish gins to try.

A post shared by THE LOOP (@theloopdutyfree) on 8. Listoke 1777 Gin

Made in Louth this gin is made in small batches of 350 litres at a time. It has a combination of ingredients including jasmine, citrus, cardamom and rowan berries which bring about its unique flavour. Listoke also have their own gin school where you can learn how gin is made and even make your own flavoured gin.

A post shared by Every Gin Ever (@every_gin_ever) on 9. Blackwater Wexford Strawberry Gin 

Blackwater have been producing their gin successfully over the last several years and have been great promoters of the Irish Gin. Even though they produce other types of gin (Blackwater No 5, Balckwater Juniper Cask Gin and an awful Boyles Gin made for Aldi) their Wexford Stawberry Gin is my favourite. Using local produce, they infuse strawberries into the gin to create a fresh summer flavour.

A post shared by Shortcross Gin (@shortcrossgin) on 10. Shortcross Gin 

This gin is made in Co Down and is my favourite of all the Irish gins. It has a beautiful smooth taste with hints of floral and wild berries.  Even though it is more expensive than other gins (average bottle is 52 euros) it is well worth the extra money if you want to treat yourself.