10 things you didn’t know about Warsaw, Poland

When I was invited by the Warsaw Tourism Board to visit their city I jumped at the opportunity to explore a place I had never been to before.

I knew very little about Warsaw before my visit and I was excited to learn more about this city. Here are some of the things you may not know about Warsaw which after reading you will be organising your next city break to Warsaw.

Chopin Pride

Did you know that Chopin was originally from Warsaw? They have many tributes to Chopin all over the city. There is a museum dedicated to Chopin as well as 15 benches in different parts of Warsaw that play a piece of Chopin music. Concerts are held at different venues throughout the year. Check out the official Chopin website here to find out more information.

A UNESCO world Heritage Site

About 80% of Warsaw was destroyed during World War 2. However much of the city was rebuilt to the exact replica of what was there before. The old town of Warsaw is one of these sites where beautiful buildings are spread across this area. It was done so beautifully it is now a UNESCO world heritage site.

The Tallest Building in Poland is in Warsaw

This old building was built during Russian Occupation and towers over the city of Warsaw. Visitors can go to the top of this building a overlook views of this wonderful city. There is also a Warsaw Tourist information centre there should you need maps or advice on things to do in the city.

Their relationship with France

There is a long-standing relationship between Poland and France going back as far as the 18th century.There is a strong French influence across Warsaw with streets dedicated to famous French people such as Charles De Gaulle. Because of this relationship many of the buildings in Warsaw have a french influence and created in a french design. Warsaw was once known as Paris of the East due to its beautiful architecture and it is easy to see why it was given this title.

Their love of Food

There is a huge mix of cuisines in Warsaw.  From Chinese, French and traditional Polish food there is something for everyone. Every meal I had in Warsaw was delicious. All the restaurants used local produce to create dishes that were full of flavour. There are also restaurants to suit every budget so you can have a foodie experience without breaking the bank. When you are there try some pierogi or if your feeling very adventurous some steak tartare

Warsaw is filled with History

If you are a history buff, Warsaw is the place to go. There are over 60 museums in Warsaw that cover every topic imaginable. There are a number of museums that discuss the war and the struggles Warsaw faced such as the Warsaw Rising Museum. Warsaw also has a number of science Museums, in particular a Museum dedicated to the lifework of Marie Curie. There is even a Neon Museum which has many old Neon Warsaw signs on display


There are many Markets taking place all over Warsaw during the summer.  There are flea Markets to get get a bargain and local food Markets selling fresh produce. One of my favourites was the Night Market ( Nocny Market) where they had a variety of different cuisines with music, art and even a tattoo parlour.

warsaw market

City Beaches

Warsaw has 6 beaches over the summer where locals a visitors alike send time relaxing in the sun or partaking in different beach activities. According to the Guardian Plaża przy Moście Poniatowskiego is regarded at the one of the top ten city beaches in Europe


The beautiful parks

There are some beautiful parks spread all across the city. From small parks like Saxon Gardens to bigger arks such as the Lazienki Royal Residence Park, They all have something unique to offer. There is even a beautiful rooftop garden park at the University Library. One of my favourite parks was next door to the Music University called Skwer Bohdana Wodiczko. It was a small park where you could hear students practicing their musical instruments. Grab some lunch and just soak in the ambiance that this park has to offer.

Warsaw, a Hipster City

There is definitely a hipster vibe in Warsaw. There are many trendy bars, restaurants and café’s throughout the city. If you ever wanted to visit Brooklyn in NYC but didn’t have the cash to go to the USA visit Warsaw instead for you hipster fix. Find a local cafe, sit back and enjoy people watching

If you want any information on different events happening around the city or some travel inspiration check out Warsaw’s official tourism page here


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