Afternoon tea and the search for a plain scone, London

In the last number of years Afternoon tea has become popular in many hotels and restaurants across the globe.

I must say I do enjoy going for tea and having some nice tasty treats with it. But yet, to get the most authentic experience you must go to the epicentre of Afternoon tea which of course is London. Every tea shop and café in London offer up some sort of version of afternoon tea. You can get every theme imaginable including prohibition afternoon tea and Charlie and the chocolate afternoon tea.  I prefer the classic afternoon tea which is your sandwich layer, a scone layer, and a desert layer. (Scones are not a dessert, merely something nice to eat between the sandwiches and the desert!). If you want to treat yourself and splash out my favourite place to go it

Afternoon Tea Goring London

If you want to treat yourself and splash out my favourite place to go it The Goring Hotel. Although the Goring Hotel is a well-known Hotel in London, you may know it as being the hotel Kate Middleton got married from.  Their champagne afternoon tea is an experience in itself and is well worth the extra few pounds.  They also give you little extras with your afternoon tea and is a great place for people watching. If you plan on going make sure to book in advance and ask for a view of the garden.

The Goring Hotel

The plain scone problem

The only difficulty I have with afternoon tea is that it is quite hard to get a scone without raisins. As a general rule of when bakers make scones for some reason, they like to throw in some raisins. Some say you cannot have a scone without the raisins, however, I can’t stand them. I didn’t realise how difficult it was to get a plain scone until I was in London during my last trip. I decided I wanted to treat myself to a nice scone and a cup of tea. I was in Covent Garden at the time and thought this would be quite easy to get a plain scone here as many tourists travel to that part of the city.

After a little shopping, I set out on my journey to try to find a plain scone. I went into the first café I saw and asked the server for a plain scone. The waitress informed me they did not have any plain scones only the ones with those ghastly raisins. Off I went to the next place determined I would find what I was looking for. To my surprise, the next café did not have any either. Confidence somewhat weaning I went to another café which sold cupcakes. I was sure this place would have what I was looking for. Unfortunately, they did not sell ANY scones.

I went to the next café and asked again for a plain scone. Again it was the same answer I got, they only had fruit scones. At this point, I was planning on accepting defeat and considering wallowing in my misery with a cupcake from the previous café. The server must have seen the disappointment in my eyes. The waitress stopped me as I was leaving the cafe and directed me to another place nearby.

Balthazar Boulangerie

Even though I was sceptical I followed her directions to a little place called Balthazar Boulangerie. This was on Russel St which is just off the main square in Covent Garden. To my delight when I asked did they have plain scones they informed me they only sold plain scones. (A match made in heaven).

Balthazar London

As there was a deal for two scones I decided it would be wasteful not to have the two.  I sat down on one of their high stools with my much sought after plain scones, jam, cream and some lovely hot chocolate. This shop seemed to be quite popular as I watched locals and tourists alike enter into the shop and buy their desserts and pastries on offer.  As I tucked into my delicious scones I watched the hustle and bustle of the people outside as well as listening to the chatting in this tiny shop.

I got chatting to the server who told me they have a restaurant next door who have a Bobbi Brown themed afternoon tea. He also told me the company are from New York and recently opened in London. They were definitely worth the struggle of getting there and thinking about them now makes me wish I was back there again for more.
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Afternoon tea London