The Best Digital Storage Options for saving your photos

So many people nowadays use their phone as their main camera to take photos.

Unfortunately, people are constantly in a battle with their phone’s storage to try to free up space. There are so many options to choose from with regards to free and paid cloud storage solutions there shouldn’t be a need to delete your precious photos.

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Here are the best digital storage options to save your photos.


8. Dropbox

Dropbox is probably one of the most popular cloud storage options outside of google and apple. It offers the first 2GB free with opportunities of getting more if you refer a friend. Beyond the 2GB their prices go from 9.99 euro a month for 1TB of storage


7. Box

Box gives you 10GB of storage for free and 8 euros for 100GB. Similar to Dropbox it offers the ability to share your files


6. iCloud 

Most iPhone users are familiar with Apple’s cloud storage system. They give users 5GB free with the opportunity of purchasing more. 99 cent gets you an extra 100 GB while 2.99 will give you a further 200GB. Their largest file storage, 2TB can be yours for 9.99 per month

5. iKlips 

If you don’t trust the cloud with your precious photos there is an option to put them on a physical device. iKlips plug directly into your phone where you can transfer your photos onto the iKlip. Prices  start at 69 dollars for 16GB iKlip

4. Google Drive

Google Drive offers 15GB free and their pricing starts at 2 euro per month for 100GB or 9.99 euro a month for 1TB. It will also integrate all your documents and files from Gmail. Google Drive works on both Android and Apple devices


3. Google Photos 

This is a great option if you are looking to store only photos and videos if your phone meets the requirements. Google photos allow you to store an unlimited number of photos and videos for free once as they are 16megapixels or under or less than 1080p HD video. You will also be able to visually search your photos according to places people and things in the photo. Google Photo works on both Android and Apple devices

2. One Drive 

If you are looking for something to not just store your photos but also your work files and other documents Microsoft offices package offers the best deal. They have a 5GB free offer but you can purchase 2TB of storage and access to the whole MS office suite package for 69.99 for the year. They do have a “try before you buy” option for one month on this package.

1. Mega 

This is my number one option. While their offer of 9.99 for 1TB per month is essentially the same as their competitors Mega offer a whopping 50GB of storage for free. This will definitely store a good chunk of your photos.