My favourite Pubs in Cork City

Cork is great fun for nights out. Here are some of my favorite Pubs in Cork City for some entertainment while you are in the rebel county

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This is the place to go for live bands and really good music. It is quite a large venue. They do deals on Thursday and Friday evenings and they also have a nightclub upstairs if you really want to dance the night away.

Readiness Pub Cork

The Castle Inn

This is a small little Pub on South Main Street. It hasn’t been updated in years and there is very little seating. During the winter time, there is a lovely open fire. There is also a nice snug near the front door if you want to have a sit-down and a chat. The pub is owned by an elderly woman named Mary who is always willing to have a chat with her customers.

 Brick Lane

If you want something a bit more upmarket head over to Brick Lane where they do nice cocktails in a hipster-chic atmosphere.

Brick Lane Bar Cork


BDSM/ Vicarstown Inn 

If you want to get a cocktail however others in your group have no interest this may be a happy medium for everyone. BDSM is great for cocktails however the atmosphere is not that good. They have a joint outdoor area at the back of the bar with the Vicarstown Inn.  Go to BDSM, get your cocktail (the elderflower one is delish) and go into the other bar where others can buy whichever beverage they prefer.

Best Pubs in Cork

Author Maynes

This place is really nice if you are like wine. They have wine on tap here where you can top up with their club card and sip away to your heart’s content. You can also just pay the barman like you normally do. They do really nice tapas here also if you want a few nibbles with your drinks. Their outdoor area also joins up with the Crane Lane, which is the ultimate hipster spot in Cork.

Sober Lane 

This pub is a favorite with the locals. This small bar has great food if you want to have something to eat in a pub atmosphere. The chicken strippers and sweet potato wedges are my favorite.

Sober Lane - Cork

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