Bloom 2017: The best Irish Foods you need to try

Bloom is always my favourite summer festival. Not because of the beautiful flower gardens which it is most known for, but for its large food section celebrating the best in Irish Produce.

This was my fourth year attending Bloom and it did not disappoint. It is great to meet the owners behind the food and find out about their products and the passion they have for Irish food.

Here are some of my favourite Irish products from this years Bloom Festival

Magic MaYan

This is beautiful handmade raw chocolate. They have an array of flavours and all their chocolate is made by hand. Normally chocolate of this kind is quite bitter but this chocolate has a lovely favour and doesn’t have that bitter aftertaste. You can check out their website here and is sold in many health food shops around the country.

Niks Tea

This Irish Tea uses various fruits, herbs & spices to create beautiful herbal teas. They have quite a number of different flavours to choose from so there is something for everyone. Check out their website here

Harvest Moon

This company does really tasty pesto and humus. This product is produced in Mayo where they use only healthy ingredients. check out their website here

Cooleeney cheese

This cheese is made in Coolenney farm in Tipperary. They sell a number of Cheeses and supply to major supermarkets such as Dunnes Stores, Tesco and Supervalu and Aldi

Barry Johns Sausages

These were the nicest sausages I have tasted in a long time. These sausages had a beautiful flavour and there were a number of unusual combinations that worked very well. My favourite was the award-winning bacon and cabbage sausages. They also had other flavours such as Chocolate Chip and honeycomb as well as Caramelised Red Onion. Check out their Facebook page here

Achill Island Sea Salt.

This award Winning Sea Salt was just bursting with flavour and is a great enhancer for any meal. The In a bid to revive the tradition of Sea Salt production on Achill Island this company was born. See their full stock list here

Wildwood Balsamics.

This Balsamic company has won an abundance of food awards. They have a number of unique flavoured balsamics using Irish plants such as elderflower, fuscia and wild Irish heather that are delicious. Their website is under construction at the moment but you can still find out some information here

Wexford Home Preserves

Their jams are made using 100% natural ingredients. As Wexford is known for the best strawberries, their Strawberry jam is divine. See their website here for their full range of preserves

Joe’s Farm Crisps

These crisps from Cork are made using vegetables such as beetroot and parsnip. These crisps are so addictive when I open a bag I have to eat the whole thing.

Sadie’s Kitchen Chicken Bone Broth

This broth is regarded as being a healthy tonic to drink to boost the immune system and improve skin, hair and nails. Although this would not be my preference, it has a wonderful flavours for making a soup or to add flavour to a dinner. It is sold in many Dunnes Stores and Supervalu’s across the country. View their full stock list here

Mór Gin

Gin has become very popular in Ireland over the past 18 months. There are now many Irish producers of gin all over Ireland. Bloom was no exception with a number of Gin distilleries displaying their products. My favourite out of these was Mór Gin. It had a lovely fruity flavour and is the perfect thirst quencher for the summer. Check out their website here