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The Boss Baby: A cartoon your kids will enjoy

Character Portrayal0
visual effects9
6.6Overall Score

The Plot

When most babies are born they get sent to a family, however exceptional babies get to manage the baby making company called Baby Co. One of the workers Boss Baby, gets sent to a family in order to find out the secrets of a rivalry company Puppy Co who are putting Baby Co out of business.

What I thought of the The Boss Baby

Even though I love cartoons it was my first time going to a cinema during the day. I normally try to avoid this due to the amount of children that are usually there. This time it was unavoidable as this preview screening had an abundance of children of all ages. They were quite noisy before the movie but once as the movie started they were fascinated by what was going on-screen. There was complete silence throughout the movie which really goes to show how good the movie was. The movie was also shown in 3D which I must say was very well done. Thought was put into the 3D parts to the movie and it was probably the best movie I have seen in 3D in a while. I must also compliment the ODEON, at the Point in being able to provide such good quality 3D

There was a lot of very funny parts to the movie, Alec Baldwin plays the main character Boss Baby which is very funny which plenty of adult references to keep parents pleased.

While this was an entertaining movie it is not a cartoon I would watch without a small person. Personally it was too much targeted at the younger age range to get me to watch it again unlike Despicable me which was both entertaining for adults and children.

Should I go and see this movie?

If you are planning a cinema trip with your children anytime soon bring them to this movie. They will love it and there is enough in the movie to keep adults entertained also.

Check out the trailer below. In Irish cinemas 7th April 2017