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The  best covers for your tablet or iPad

There is a huge variety of covers available for iPad’s and tablets on the internet and shops however it’s hard to know which one is the right one for you. As you have probably spent a good few euros on purchasing your tablet you may want to make sure you get something that is going to protect it and look stylish too. While I have given some examples of tablets bellow, I am no way endorsing the product, I am ...
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What is the internet of things?

Have you heard of the Term IOT or Internet of Things? You may have heard the term “internet of things” or IoT being banded around lately in reference to new technology being released. The official definition on Wikipedia. ” the network of basic objects or “things” embedded with software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect data”. ….Or Smart Products Basically the Internet of Things relates to the “smart products” you use in daily life. For example ...

Price comparison of the iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s launch As the new iPhone 6s has now hitting stores nationwide and is boasting a range of features including 12mp camera, front facing camera flash, 4k videos and 3D touch but to name a few, you maybe wondering what is the best place to buy. Most phone companies are now only offering a minimum of 24 month contract if you are planning on a bill pay option which is a significant commitment for an iPhone, you need to ...