Bloom 2017: The best Irish Foods you need to try

Bloom is always my favourite summer festival. Not because of the beautiful flower gardens which it is most known for, but for its large food section celebrating the best in Irish Produce. This was my fourth year attending Bloom and it did not disappoint. It is great to meet the owners behind the food and find out about their products and the passion they have for Irish food. Here are some of my favourite Irish products from this years Bloom ...

My delicious dinner at Pilgrims Restaurant, Roscarbery, West Cork

I recently planned a visit to the beautiful town of Roscarbery and decided to have a meal in the famous Pilgrims Restaurant. This place is so popular you need to book several weeks in advance. I am usually never this organised however I managed to remember to make a reservation at Pilgrims Restaurant well in advance before my trip (about two months!!!) The Menu What is unique about this restaurant is that the menu changes every day to fit in ...

The Best places to eat in Cork City.

Cork is regarded as the restaurant capital of Ireland so there are lots of good places to choose from. Having lived there for a number of years here is my favourite places to dine out in. Scoozi’s A Cork institution Scoozi’s is one of the best places in Cork to eat for lunch. They do delicious burgers and pizzas. Their chicken wings with their own wing sauce is to die for. If you plan on going there for lunch there is usually ...