Weekend Break in Amsterdam

I absolutely love travelling to Amsterdam it is such a nice city with so much to see and do, you are guaranteed a good time. In Amsterdam they have a really good tram and bus system so even if you want to spend a little less on accommodation that is outside the city centre, with a 10 minute tram journey you will be in the middle of everything. Accommodation I have been to Amsterdam twice, the first time I stayed ...

50 things to do in Killarney: a locals guide

Killarney is one of the nicest places in Ireland to visit. I am not biased when I say that I swear. Even though I am local to the area I love exploring different parts of Killarney.  Whether you are into walking, nature, or just having a pint in the local pub there is something for everyone. Here are 50 things to do in Killarney 1.  Killarney National Park. The most well-known tourist attraction in Killarney has to be the Killarney National Park, with ...

Nice in 48 hours: A perfect weekend break

Nice is such a lovely city to visit. While it’s quite a large city it’s easy to get around and just admire the beautiful scenery and architecture. It is a great place to just explore and get lost in the streets of this old city. Being a big city there are so many options to choose from when it comes to accommodation.  I was short on time and didn’t want to spend all day travelling around. I decided to stay ...