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August: What to Watch in the cinema and on Netflix

August is a strange month. Even though it is Autumn it doesn’t feel like Autumn. It still feels like Summer. That is reflected in the movies that get released in August as they are still regarded as Summer Blockbusters. As well as the long awaited Marvel’s The Defenders there are some old classics appearing on Netflix this month including The Matrix Franchise, a Cinderella Story and Wild Wild West. Check out all the best movies and TV shows in the ...
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Dunkirk Movie Review: An excellent depiction of a true war story

The Plot Over 400,000 British soldiers are stranded on a beach in Dunkirk while waiting to be evacuated in German occupied France during the second world war. Based on a true story, the navy has to rely on small civilian vessels in order to land on the beaches to help rescue soldiers. Telling the real story of Dunkirk The opening scene throws the audience quickly into the situation that is facing the British and French soldiers. The cinematography really captures the fear and impending ...
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All the best trailers from Comic Con 2017 

Comic Con: The biggest Comic/TV/Movie fan conferences took place over the weekend. Many TV shows and upcoming movies take the opportunity at this event to give audiences a sneak-peek of what lies ahead. Here are some of the best trailers of movies and TV shows that are due to be released over the next 12 months Bright The Justice League Stranger Things – Season 2 Thor – Ragnarok Vikings – Season 5 Gotham – Season 4 X-Men: The Gifted Game ...
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July: what to watch in the Cinema and on Netflix

There is an abundance of great TV shows and Movies being released on Netflix and in the cinema this month. With Golden oldies like Titanic, The Land Before Time and Free Willy all available on Netflix in July. There will be lots to watch on those rainy days CINEMA 7th July – Spiderman: Homecoming The Spiderman we saw in Avengers: Civil War is back with his own movie. This movie was a good origin story however it seemed to be propped ...
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What to expect from season seven of Game of Thrones

As the penultimate season approaches there is a great deal Game of Thrones needs to cover this season in order to wrap things up. From Wildfire, power plays and mysterious Targaryens, this season is going to be the most exciting one yet. There are so many fan theories rolling around the websphere it is hard to keep up. Game of Thrones have even gotten Jon Harrington to film an extra 15 hours of alternative footage in order to put off any leaks. Here ...
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The House: A slapstick comedy that is just too silly

Last week I got the opportunity to watch a preview screening of a comedy starring Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler called The House. The plot When Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler find out their daughters college scholarship has been cancelled, they team up with their neighbour Jason Mantzoukas (known for Brooklyn 99) to create and illegal casino in his home in order to pay for schooling. As word gets out amongst their neighbours and more people attend the secret casino, trouble ensues.The police are gaining suspicion. Gangsters as ...
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Wonder Woman Success: Will Marvel finally have a female lead?

DC comics have got a lot of criticism of late with many of their movies being box office flops. The much-anticipated Suicide Squad and Batman v’s Superman received a huge backlash over poor storylines and bad performances. While I thought Batman v’s Superman was actually quite good many people were not happy with first movie in the Justice League franchise.   When the Wonder Woman movie was due release, DC comics kept the media embargo in place until last-minute. This ...