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Silence: Not quite the movie I was expecting

This week I eagerly went to the cinema to see Martin Scorsese’s movie Silence. Apparently, this movie has been in the making for several years and it is clear to see the director self-indulged quite a bit when making this movie. Plot Word is brought from merchants that (Liam Neeson) Father Ferreira, a priest who renounced his faith in Japan where he was spreading the word of God. Two students of  Father Ferreira set off on a quest to discover his ...
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Passengers (2016) : Movie Review

This week I got to see Passengers the movie starring Jenifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt The Plot Earth has now become overcrowded resulting in some of the human race opting to live on another planet far away from Earth. Jim (Chris Pratt) is one of the passengers on board a ship travelling to a far off planet. After a meteor shower hits the ship, Jim wakes up 30 years into a 120-year journey to another planet. What I think of ...
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A Monster Calls (2016): Movie Review

I had the pleasure of attending the cinema last month for a preview screening of A Monster Calls. The movie is based on a novel by Patrick Ness. It was launched at the Toronto film festival in September 2016 and received positive reviews from critics. The Plot The movie is about a boy who in order to cope with his mother’s illness creates a monster (played by Liam Neeson) to comfort him in his time of need. The acting was ...
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The Edge of Seventeen Movie: Review

Last week I got the opportunity to see a preview screening of The Edge of Seventeen movie and it did not disappoint. Starring Hailee Steinfeld as Nadine, the awkward 17-year old.  We watch as Nadine attempts to navigate through the difficulties of being a teenager. We see Nadine trying to manage her relationships with her best friend, her brother and of course her love interests. The dynamics between Hailee and Woody Harrelson characters are excellent. Woody Harrelson stars as her English teacher who Nadine ...
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Gilmore Girls: Things to do while you are waiting for the new season

While Gilmore Girls fans in the USA were treated to Lukes Diner pop-up shops appearing all over the country, fans in Europe were left in envy to watch on Instagram and twitter as fans queued to get coffee and even meet the actor that played Luke himself. Fear not though as you can get your own Gilmore Girls fix at home without having to look on in jealousy. Here’s how you can have your own Gilmore Girls fun 1. Did ...
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September: What to watch on Netflix and the Cinema

September is a mixed bag of viewing entertainment with a great deal of original content being released on Netflix. Check out what is in store this month on Netflix and in the Cinema   NETFLIX Luke Cage – Season 1 Mike Colter who played Luke Cage in the TV Series Jessica Jones is getting his own spin-off show. This is part of the Marvel TV show series. Expect all the superheroes to come together in a TV show called The Defenders at ...
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Four reasons everyone is fangirling over Stranger Things

Unless your head has been in the sand the last few weeks you will have heard everyone talking about Stranger Things. It is the new TV show to hit Netflix in July. It is a Sci-Fi TV Show set in the 80’s.  While Sci- Fi may not be everyone’s cup if tea, this TV show you cannot help but love.  Here are some of the reasons why everyone is loving Stranger Things The Amazing Cast The main cast have a brilliant ...