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May: What to Watch in the Cinema and on Netflix

This is a great month for movies and TV shows on Netflix including some golden oldies like Forrest Gump. There is also some old favourites getting a revamp in the cinema this month. Check out all my favourites in the Cinema and on Netflix for the month of May. CINEMA Alien: Covenant – 12th may 2017 An old school movie is back with a brand new twist starring Katherine Waterston, Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace and James Franco Sleepless – May 12th 2017 I ...

Never be bored again with these simple steps on how to watch Netflix offline

The one thing I hate when having bad internet reception is not being able to watch Netflix when I’m bored. It is my ultimate bugbear.   You get onto a plane or train excited to watch the newest film or TV show. Disappointment ensues when the iTunes movie you paid to rent didn’t download properly. Even worse, the internet isn’t working. Has this ever happened to you? Those days are now over. Netflix has now updated their app to allow ...
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The Dirty Dancing Remake we’ve all been waiting for is finally here

It seems like every few years there are always rumours of a Dirty Dancing remake. Everyone gets their hopes up and the speculation about who will play the main characters becomes outlandish. I remember back in the early 00’s when one of these rumours popped up, Robbie Williams and Britney Spears were tipped to play the iconic characters of Baby and Johnny Castle. Of course this never came to be (phew). The Dirty Dancing remake is ACTUALLY happening Well fear ...
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April: What to Watch in the cinema and on Netflix

April is always a slow month for entertainment after all the excitement of the awards season.  However there are some good movies in the cinema this month such as a Dogs Purpose and Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Some of my favourite TV shows are back this month on Netflix including Better Call Saul and The Get Down. Please Note: some good TV shows are leaving Netflix this month including Arrested Development, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Get watching ...
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The Boss Baby: A cartoon your kids will enjoy

The Plot When most babies are born they get sent to a family, however exceptional babies get to manage the baby making company called Baby Co. One of the workers Boss Baby, gets sent to a family in order to find out the secrets of a rivalry company Puppy Co who are putting Baby Co out of business. What I thought of the The Boss Baby Even though I love cartoons it was my first time going to a cinema ...
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Are Disney’s live action movies given a hard time because it’s Disney?

Disney has always been under the spotlight when it comes to their movies. Over the years Disney has had many controversies regarding their characters, storyline and their general depiction of female characters. This seems to be even more heightened with their recent reproduction of cartoons into live action movies. Disney’s New Live Action movie Franchise Cinderella was the third Disney princess movie to be given a real life story in 2015. When it came to Disney’s Live action version of ...
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Logan: A brilliant tribute to Hugh Jackman’s 17 year performance

The Plot This movie is set in 2029 where Logan is left to care for an elderly Professor Xavier who is hiding out along the Mexican border. There is no longer a significant mutant population and the X-Men team have disbanded. (If you want to get full information on Wolverines timeline from the previous movies check out this video) What I thought of Logan This was a very different movie to the normal X-Men films. It shows the characters of ...