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August: What to watch in the Cinema and Netflix

August can be a hit-or-miss month with new cinema and TV content. Apart from the Movie and TV shows mentions below, Netflix is having some fan favourite movies in August. This list includes the first two Fast and Furious Movies, Adam Sandler’s Big Daddy as well as the 2006 Star Trek: Nemesis. All of these are sure to keep you occupied for the month. Check out some of my favourite viewings for August in the Cinema and on Netflix. below Cinema Suicide ...
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July: What to watch in the Cinema and Netflix

As July is one of the biggest months for the Cinema there is a lot of good movies being released this month. Here is the best of what is on offer in the Cinema and on Netflix for July Cinema   The Legend of Tarzan  It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Tarzan cartoon/movie needs to be filmed every few years. This Movie has a slight twist where we see Tarzan returning to the Jungle after living in London for ...
CinemaTV & MoviesTV ShowsNew ReleasesNetflixWhat to Watch

June: What to watch in the Cinema and Netflix

June is a jam-packed month full of TV shows and new movies being released. Here is what I think you need to watch this month in the Cinema and on Netflix when you are not enjoying the summer weather. CINEMA Tale of Tales  This movie rolls three different stories into one movie. Starring Salma Hayek, Vincent Cassel, Toby Jones, and John C. Reilly looks to be something a little bit different in terms of storytelling. I was skeptical at first however it ...