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15 Black and White movies Millennials need to watch

I read a shocking article the other day which says that 30% of millennials have not watched a black and white movie. I find this hard to believe being a fellow millennial and having watched lots of Black and white movies. They stem from the “Golden Age of cinema” and are some of the best movies ever made. For those of you who have not seen a Black and White movie,  here is my list of movies you need to watch in no particular ...

Now TV Review: A multichannel alternative?

I recently saw an advert on TV promoting the new Now TV box and decided to give it a try. Here is a full review of how I found it. Before I start I must disclose I completely hate Virgin Media TV. The click-through is slow, often my TV shows do not record and I find it extremely difficult to navigate. The only reason I have Virgin Media TV is that I cannot get Sky where I live. When I heard ...
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Are Disney’s live action movies given a hard time because it’s Disney?

Disney has always been under the spotlight when it comes to their movies. Over the years Disney has had many controversies regarding their characters, storyline and their general depiction of female characters. This seems to be even more heightened with their recent reproduction of cartoons into live action movies. Disney’s New Live Action movie Franchise Cinderella was the third Disney princess movie to be given a real life story in 2015. When it came to Disney’s Live action version of ...

How listening to a Youtuber nearly cost me over €1000

The one thing I love almost as much as being on holidays is organising my holidays. I love planning what activities to do, where to go or what to see on my travels. I especially love looking for the latest fashions and styles for my vacation. The one thing I also love is watching YouTube videos about what to pack in my bag for my big trip. I can spend hours watching videos on advice about items I need to ...


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Fear the Walking Dead – Will a non Sci-Fi fan enjoy it?

Being an uber fan of The Walking Dead I was so excited last year when I heard they were making a prequel “FEAR THE WALKING DEAD” ( I can imagine many TV boffins sitting around a conference table churning out random names for the show and eventually landing on this one after an exhaustive number of hours) Although I have tried to keep this post fairly spoiler free, for the purposes of potentially avoiding anyone becoming offended for finding out ...
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iTunes Movie Review – What if (2013)

Starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan  Directed by Michael Dowse  What if is the story about Wallace who had his heartbroken by a previous relationship, befriends Chantry and of course as their friendship grows, dilemma ensues.