Cliff Walk from Greystones to Bray: Wicklow, Ireland

One weekend in January after a very busy Christmas, bored in Dublin I decided to do something a little bit different and head to Wicklow for a walk. You may think that I could go for a walk somewhere in Dublin, especially as I live very close to Phoenix Park but instead, I decided to go for a trip to Wicklow to the Cliff Walk in Greystones

I had heard so many things about the different walks in Wicklow, in particular, the cliff walk from Greystones to Bray, I decided to try it out for myself.

What is the Cliff Walk

 The Cliff walk is a famous stretch of road that takes you along the coast. It stretches from Bray to Greystones village. The whole journey takes under 2 hours if you are a slow walker. It takes approximately 30 minutes by car from Dublin city Centre

Starting in Greystones or Bray?

 When you decide to set out on the cliff walk you can either start from Greystones or Bray, whatever your preference it is up to you. I decided to start out on my journey from Greystones. I had never been in either Greystones are Bray before so this was quite an adventure

Where to park?

 There are lots of different places to park the car in Greystones. I thought the best place to park was at the train station car park outside the village. It’s free parking all day and it’s very close to the lovely beach in Greystones

Greystones Beach

Although my intention was to go on the cliff walk I so happened to come across the beach in Greystones. It was a lovely sunny day and it was a great start to my walk. there are beautiful views if you start out from this direction. It takes you along the coast and you get to see the edge of the Greystones village.

Starting on the Cliff Walk

 Starting out from Greystones on the cliff walk there isn’t that much to see. A significant amount of the pathway at the beginning is fenced off, allowing some space for people to walk along the route.
As you go further along the cliff walk the views get more spectacular. You’re able to soak in the atmosphere of the beautiful views of the ocean and the waves crashing along the coast. These beautiful serene views are intertwined with the local DART train. The DART can be seen going in and out of the different tunnels along the cliff side.
The whole trip took me approximately an hour and 45 minutes. If you are a more fit individual or you’re not distracted by the beautiful scenery this may take you less time.

What to wear

 We were lucky the day that we went as the weather was quite good. If you are going on this walk wear good walking boots or runners that you don’t care too much about. As per the usual Irish weather, bring a good raincoat. There is not much shelter so if its rains once you start on the walk you either have to turn around and go back or keep going so be prepared.
Someone jokingly told me halfway through my walk that there was a coffee shop ahead. To my disappointment this did not happen so I had to wait until I got to Bray for a nice cup of tea and some cake. If you need any provisions like water or tea, bring it with you.

Where to go from Bray?

Of course, you may be asking how do I get back to my car when I am now in Bray? Did I walk the journey back? I cheated and took the DART train back to Greystones which only takes a few minutes. It was also nice to look out at the views of the Sea from the comfort of the train.

Dinner in Greystones

 After my few hours walking I decided to head to the Beach House pub in Greystones. I had a lovely dinner which hit the spot after my lovely walk.

The Cliff Walk is for all levels of fitness

 This is a great day out and although the walk is long and high above the sea it is not too strenuous and quite flat in most parts. I recommend this as a lovely day out if you were looking to do something different to do. The views and the scenery really show the best aspects of Ireland.

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