You may have noticed lately there is a lot of people now uploading videos or slideshows on their Facebook page. While Facebook now gives you the option to create a slideshow on their app this is quite limited.

The Quik App is the answer to all your problems

I came across an app called Quik (made by GoPro) which creates beautiful slideshows of your videos and photos. It has many different filters and options and is great if you went on a day trip somewhere or went on holidays and wanted to use a mixture of photos and videos. This is perfect for uploading your content to Facebook.

Quik App

Cinema or Square View

Many facebook videos are now square you can choose whether you want it in square or cinema view. This is also excellent if you wanted to use this app for Instagram.


You can also choose how long you want the video to be so you can make it as fast or as slow as you want. The most successful videos are less than a minute long.

Use your Snapchat videos?

I found it most useful for using my Snapchat videos that I downloaded onto my phone and bringing them together into a pretty slideshow. It will also suggest videos for you based on your photo stream of places you’ve been.

How much does it cost?

Best of all this app is completely free and doesn’t put an ugly watermark on your video like other video apps. You can check out this really amazing video I created using the app here