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December: What to Watch in the Cinema and on Netflix

It’s that time of the year when the nights are getting colder and everyone is getting excited for Christmas. Take a break from all the Christmas Shopping and watch some of my picks for the Cinema and Netflix this month


Sully – 2nd November 2016

Directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Academy Award Winner Tom Hanks.  This is set to be one of the top movies for awards next year. It is based on a true story where an airplane has to make an emergency landing in the Hudson River. It is currently getting 85% on rotten tomatoes.


Snowden – 9th December 2016

This movie is based on Edward Snowden, the NSA employee who leaked government surveillance documents.


Rouge One: A Star Wars Story – 16 December 2016

The newest installment in the Star Wars Franchise. Keep an eye out for the movie scenes filmed in Kerry


Passengers – 21st December 2016

This movie is set in space. A space shuttle is transporting passengers to a distant planet when two people (Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence) wake up 90 years too early. The trailer looks amazing and it is the movie I am most looking forward to in December


Nobel (Season 1) – 13th December 2016

A returning soldier and family man becomes a pawn in a political international game. This movie is getting great reviews on IMDB, This is will the TV show to watch this winter.


Versailles (Season 1) – 14th December 2016

Based on the scandals of the French Royal family. It is set during the construction of Versailles Palace during the reign of Louis XIV in the 1700’s. I saw one of the episodes when it was on television during the year. It is a great TV show and I am looking forward to watching the full series on Netflix.

Barry -16th December 2016

This movie is about the early years of Barack Obama when is was in University and discovering his way in the world. The trailer looks excellent and was well received at the Toronto Film Festival.