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Documentaries on Netflix you need to watch right now

I love to watch documentaries now and again and Netflix has some really high quality ones right now.

Here is some of my favourite documentaries on Netflix that you need to watch

Amanda Knox

This documentary is based on the trail of a murder of an English girl where Amanda Knox was one of the accused. I didn’t follow the trial when it hit the newspapers a few years ago. This documentary gives you a good overview of the case. What I found interesting was how ¬†information that the accused had placed on Social Media was used against them in tabloid papers.

White Helmets

This documentary looks at the Civil Defence team in Syria who are the first respondents of bombings. Fondly known as the white helmets , the viewers watch them as they attempt to save lives from bomb sites.

Making a Murderer

One of the more talked about documentaries on Netflix, Making a Murder follows a man who was falsely accused of a crime in the USA. This documentary has many twists and turns. Be ready to binge watch the whole series as it is highly addictive viewing.

Chefs Table

This is a series which follows some of the most talented Michelin starred chefs across the globe. As you watch them create beautiful dishes, you learn about their life stories, their motivations and methods to cooking.


If you havent heard of Iris she is a 93-year-old fashion Icon living in New York. Follow her as she explains her excentric fashion and the pieces she has collected over the years.

The Sort Game

Watch the most talented child golfers across the world come together to compete in the most prestigious tournament. Some of these children are definitely going to be the next generation of professional golfers

Audrey and Daisy.

This is the story of multiple women who have been sexually assaulted in the USA and how there lives have been affected. It also hones in on the criminal system in the States and its general response to sexual assault on women.