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10 things I learned during the Dublin Tech Summit

Last week I attended the first-ever conference hosted by the Dublin Tech Summit. There were so many speakers from big companies such as Facebook, Disney Pixar, Twitter, Huffington Post, Techcrunch, and Paypal to name a few. It was a great event and I recommend it to anyone thinking of attending next year. 

Here are 10 things I learned during the two-day Dublin Tech Summit

1. VR is not going anywhere

Virtual Reality grew in 2016 and this year is no different. During the conference, there were many companies demonstrating what VR had to offer. A great deal of talk during the conference was the new oculus rooms developed by Facebook. You can now meet in a virtual reality room with others across the world and watch a movie or just chat. This is only the beginning for VR and I predict will be in every Irish household by 2020.

2.IOT is getting bigger but will it compromise our security?

There was a lot of time dedicated to discussing IOT during the Tech summit. This was not by accident as smart objects in the household are getting more popular. One speaker Rik Ferguson from Trend Micro gave an interesting talk on security in the home with IOT. He advised how our security may be compromised as we allow more smart objects into our home. In other talks the different models of IOT were discussed. Until the basic elements of IOT become streamlined it will make configuring all your IOT products difficult. i.e if you buy smart lightbulbs and a smart fridge from different companies, they should all work together.

3.When selling a product, creating a story is important

The speaker I was most excited to see during the tech summit was Mathew Luhn From Pixar. He spoke about the importance of a story and how it is vital when promoting a product. He discussed Pixar a great deal and how they use different aspects of the story to pull at your heartstrings. ie the first five minutes of Up (which I found out they tried to make you cry on purpose!).
He also confirmed that all the Pixar movies are part of the same universe!.

4. Women are amazing

The tech industry gets a bad rap when it comes to women. The majority of tech companies are owned or managed by men. According to Anne Ravanona from Global Invest Her who spoke at the event, advised there is a significant funding gap between women and men. However, I felt the Tech Summit made a huge effort to highlight the role of women involved in Tech. There was no shortage of women speakers. It was inspiring to hear from women leaders in the tech business. There was also a significant number of women attendees and seemed to be a good ratio of men to women at the event. My favourite meet up during the conference was actually organised by the Women in Tech Show podcast and Bank of Ireland. If you have not heard of the women in tech show check it out here.

5. 75 percent of social media will be video

During a talk about video in social media, Ross Sheil advised by 2020 75% of mobile traffic will be video. We can see this happening now in certain social media platforms such as Facebook. This will continue to grow in line with VR advancements. You have to remember that Facebook has put a significant amount of investment in virtual reality and want video to become more popular.

6. Creativity will be what will define us from the robots

One of the more unusual presentations during the conferences was from Ben Jones of Quantum X titled “Children Love Unicorns, Unicorns Love Children”. As robotics become more advanced, more jobs are being replaced by robots. So how are we as humans going to find our place in the world? Ben Jones believes it is our ability to be creative is what will differentiate us from the robots. He encouraged us to go back to our childhood days, be more creative and become more open to our imagination.

7. Contrary to popular belief twitter is getting more popular.

There has been a lot of talk lately of twitter slowing down. While other social media platforms are becoming more popular, in spite of this twitter continues to grow. Twitter now also regards itself as a news platform rather than a social media platform.

8. Automated driving is going to make the car industry a ton of money.

Although self-driving is still early days, there is money to be had. According to experts, self-driving cars is set to make 2-5 trillion over the next 10 years. Uber seem to be leading the way when it comes to testing out these new cars. the only way from here is up.

9. Ireland is an amazing place for start-ups

Dublin is becoming a leader in the Tech industry. There are so many large tech companies in Ireland such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter. It is a great place for start-ups and this was demonstrated in the many start-ups at the Dublin Tech Summit. I enjoyed meeting people at the summit and hearing about the passion they had for their ideas.

10. “the future belongs to the those who hear it coming”

Julie Spillane from Accenture used the above quote from David Bowie in her presentation. This seemed to be the ongoing theme throughout the summit. Talks from entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk who spoke about his ability to see opportunities in various social media outlets and Cindy Gallop with her #makelovenotporn movement, there is an opportunity for everyone to succeed. Many people spoke about the passion they had and the confidence to take a chance on an opportunity. Many of these talks were inspirational. They proved with a lot of hard work and confidence in yourself that you can achieve anything.