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Fabric App – the new way to access memories

Do you know those memory pop-ups you get on Facebook showing an old post or photo you uploaded years ago?  I wouldn’t know as I have not been given that option yet on Facebook. It’s been over a year now since “On This Day” was introduced. Come on Facebook now is my time!! I was delighted to find out that the main creator behind Facebook memories has invented the Fabric App. This app syncs your phone, Facebook, and Instagram together to create a map of memories which you can access.

First impressions

This sounded like a great idea and I loved the fact it brought all your social media devices together. I also liked the idea of  mapping everything which is great if you travel a lot. However, I am unsure if I am sold on it. I like apps that are easy to figure out and this took me a while to establish where I actually see the memories.

The location feature does not seem to work that well. You have the option to set your home address which it did not locate very well. I also found if you were travelling somewhere it tagged you as being in different places you passed by. When this happens you have to manually delete it. This could take a lot of effort if it tagged you in in multiple wrong locations. I found this happened a lot when I went on a road trip for the day

The Alternative

Heyday is an app which is based on a similar idea.  This is what I used before but it did not have the ability to connect to Social Media platforms.

I also found it kept logging me out of the app and had a few glitches so I don’t use it as often as I would like.  All that being said Hayday is much easier to use and it gave me lovely notifications of things I did on that particular day two or three years ago. You can also add notes into the Heyday entries if you so wish.

Heyday or Fabric?

I don’t think I will be deleting the Fabric app just yet but can see this feature eventually being integrated into the Facebook system.

While I still have to suffer without memories on Facebook I don’t know would I really use the Fabric app if I had it. At present all this app has done is taken the best functions of Instagram (maps) and facebook (memories) and brought them together.

If I could join the features of Fabric and Heyday together it would be a much better app. At present both apps have to do more to win over my affection.