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4 ways you don’t need to travel abroad to have an adventure

Do you ever see different exotic places online and feel your missing out because you cannot afford to travel?

What if I told you can have your own travel adventure right here at home?

There is an obsession nowadays that to see something new or have an adventure you need to travel abroad. This is not the case. You can see new and exciting things at home without the need to travel too far. I am ashamed to say some of the greatest tourist attractions in Ireland such as the Cliffs of Mohar and Newgrange I have never been to. However As they are only a few hours drive from my home I am hoping to rectify this soon. Here are simple steps to have your own domestic travel adventure.

1. Research

If you were planning a holiday abroad do you obsess about finding out as much as possible about your chosen location as I do? But yet, when it comes to finding out about local activities my automatic re-action is to assume there is nothing to do. Like a trip abroad, to find out about interesting things to you need to research it. There are so many tourist websites and blogs available online that will give you information on the local attractions.

Powerscourt Gardens is a short journey from Dublin and is a great day trip

Powerscourt Gardens is a short journey from Dublin and is a great day trip

2. Festivals.

Often during different times of the year different towns have local festivals which can be great fun. Cork City host a Jazz festival every year in October where a lot of the events are free. Bloom Festival is held every year in Dublin and it is so much more than a flower festival. Check out when there are festivals going on in your area and either take a day trip or stay overnight.


One of the events that take place during Bloom Festival in Dublin

3. Change up your accommodation.

Sometimes the most adventurous part of a trip can be your accommodation. Do you always stay in hotels when you go somewhere overnight? Why not do something different like camping or glamping? Why not stay in a castle or an old mansion? AirBnb Have so many different accommodation types from the weird and wonderful. I will guarantee you will have something to talk about after your journey.

An American Coast Guard Ship docked in Dublin

An American Coast Guard Ship docked in Dublin

4. The Great Outdoors.

Make use of the nature around you and try something different. Go for a walk/ cycle in a park you have never been to before. Look for places where you can go kayaking or going on a boat trip for a day. What about going for a trek up a mountain. The options are endless.

Lower Lake-Killarney-Ireland

Beautiful views of the Lower Lake, Killarney

I hope this article has inspired you to make the most of the resources around you so you can have your own adventure at home. It has definitely got me motivated just by writing it 
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You don't need to travel abroad for adventure