Get 1000 Twitter followers in 5 days 

I have seen many articles and blog posts on how to get more twitter followers. Some posts claiming you can get 1000 twitter followers in one day. I think this may be more doable if you already had a significant twitter following or if you had nothing to do all day but focus on twitter. However, it is hard to reach this level when you have less than 100 followers. This is what I did which saw my twitter account go from 120 followers to over a 1000 and still growing.

Your Profile

First of all before you even start this process have a look at your profile. This is what people see when they are considering following you so you want it to look at its best. If you don’t have anything written in your bio start now. Put in your interests and what you like to tweet about. If people have the same interest they will be more likely to follow. I also put my interests in hashtag form so that my twitter profile will come up if someone searches that topic for example #movies #nature

Use a photo of yourself rather than a logo. Unless you are an established brand people are more likely to follow you if they can see a face to the name rather than a brand.

 Use a follow app

Download an app which will show you who has followed and unfollowed you. There are many out there to choose from depending on how much info you want. I find this app quite good.

Follow people who will be interested in you

So if you have done all the above it is now time to start following people. Before you start this you may want to turn off your notifications as your phone may be buzzing all day.

Follow approximately 800 people but follow people with a particular interest that you tweet about for example #travel. As you have amended your profile which suggests your interests when people see this they will be more likely to follow you back. As more people follow you back you will also come up as a suggestion to follow for other people who have an interest in travel.

Twitter have strict guidelines on users who have a small number of followers so make sure you do not surpass following 1000 followers a day as you will not be allowed to follow any more people. Repeat this process over the next number of days. You do not need to keep to the same interest over the 5 days however you will need to remain on one topic when following in bulk.

Follow people back

If someone follows you unless they are a spam account follow them back. If they decide to unfollow you later you will now know thanks to the followers app and can then unfollow them later


Make sure your account is active and you are tweeting content your new-found friends are interested in. Photos attached to your tweets are more likely to get noticed as well as using hashtags as appropriate. You can use a scheduling app such as hootsuite to time your tweets so your account is being updated on a regular basis.

I hope this is helpful please feel free to follow me on twitter and tweet me any suggestions you may have.