A gigantic guide for people visiting the vibrant Cork City

Blackrock Castle Cork City

Often regarded as the second Capital of Ireland, Cork is full of food, fun and culture.

Having lived in Cork city for a number of years it is safe to say I have a good local knowledge of the best places to go, where to eat and what to do when there.

Where to stay

There are so many hotels to choose from. Even though Cork is regarded as a city, everywhere is pretty much within walking distance. Two of my favorite hotels are below

River Lee Hotel.

This luxurious hotel is right next to UCC campus and is a few minutes’ walk from town. The rooms are modern and spacious and the selection of food at breakfast is the best I have ever had. They also have a lovely Hotel bar that overlooks the River Lee.

The Kingsley Hotel.

Although it’s a few minutes outside of town (about 8 euros in a taxi) this is a really luxurious hotel. Using Supervalu breaks I got a really good deal. I got a nights accommodation during the August bank holiday weekend for 120 euros for two including breakfast. The rooms are really spacious and they have a wonderful Spa. I also got a chance to have a sneak peek into the Penthouse suite that is two floors of rooms (it made my room look very small!!)

Cork City accommodation on a budget.

If you’re tight on money and don’t want to spend a huge amount on accommodation why not try student apartments. All the student accommodation are available during the summer and are quite cheap if you are travelling in a group. A Group of us got a three bedroom apartment for four people for 28 euros each. It’s not going to be the most luxurious accommodation however if you just want a place to rest your head then this option is for you.

Things to do.

Apart from eating, there are a lot of other activities you can do around Cork.

Explore The City

There are so many things to do in the city including The Butter Museum and the Historical Cork Gaol. Why don’t you soak in the local atmosphere and head to one of my favourite pubs. You could also visit the very famous English Market

Cobh and Fota Island

Many tourists travel the 20 minutes train journey to Fota Island where you can visit the Wildlife Park. It is great for both children and adults. If you want to do something a bit more luxurious after you exploration around the park you can stop at the Hotel in Fota for some afternoon tea.

If you travel a few more minutes down the road on the train you will arrive at the historical town of Cobh. It is most famous as the last stop off of the Titanic before it sailed to New York. There is a Titanic museum and also a lovely park where you can observe spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Cobh Cork

The Gazebo in the town of Cobh, Cork

Blarney Castle.

There are many bus services available from Cork City to Blarney castle which has wonderful grounds you can walk around. You also have the opportunity, of course, to kiss the Bblarney stone at the top of the castle. If you are planning on doing this go early in the day as it can get quite busy especially in the summer time

Blackrock Castle 

Once an old castle, now a science observatory. This place is great fun and there are stunning views of Cork. Check out their website as they always have different events coming up. There is also a lovely restaurant next door.

Blackrock Castle Cork City

Whatever you decide to do while visiting the rebel county you are guaranteed to have a great time when you are there.
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The Ultimate Guide Cork City Ireland