My overnight stay at the Hayfield Manor Hotel, Cork

I recently took a trip to Cork City and stayed in the beautiful Hayfield Manor Hotel. I had heard really positive reviews of the hotel and I was excited to try it out for myself.

When you enter Hayfield Manor the first thing you notice is the stairs which is the centre piece of the lobby area. There was a roaring fire nearby with lots of lush cosy chairs to sit on.

The staff were very friendly and we were offered a complementary whisky on arrival. The room I got was nice and spacious with views onto the main courtyard in front of the hotel. It was well decorated and had a cosy feel to it. Throughout my stay the staff remained friendly and were willing to help in any way.

The aspect that surprised me the most about the hotel was how peaceful and quiet it was. Hayfield Manor is in the middle of the city and next door to University College Cork. Outside the area of the hotel there is an abundance of cars and lots of students chatting with friends as they go about their day, however the hustle and bustle of the outside world does not interfere with the calming atmosphere in Hayfield.

Food at Hayfield Manor

There is a lovely bar in the hotel that serves food during the day. There is also a restaurant in the hotel that does lunch and dinner. I had a sampling of their food during my stay. I thought the dinner was fine but felt it was slightly overpriced for what I was getting. As there are so many nice restaurants in Cork City, my preference would be to eat dinner somewhere else. However if you didn’t feel like venturing out of the hotel for food I think you would still be happy enough with your meal.

I loved the Breakfast in Hayfield. There was an abundance of options to choose from including a Bloody Mary cocktail section and Honey straight from the honeycomb.

You must get a scone…..or two!

The food item that I love the most in Hayfield are their scones. All their scones are served warm with clotted cream and jam. They are a must if you are visiting the hotel. They also have afternoon tea if you have time to indulge in tasty treats.

I throughly enjoyed my stay at Hayfield, the only issue I had with it was I could only stay there for one night. I highly recommend this oasis in the middle of the city and will be back here again in the future.