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Hidden Figures: The American Bio-Pic you must watch this year

Character Portrayal9.6
Visual Effects9.2
Costume 9.7
9.1Overall Score

Last week I got a sneak preview of Hidden Figures in Cineworld in Dublin

The Plot

This movie is based on a true story of three African-American women Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson. They are women who worked at NASA and made significant contributions to the launch of astronaut John Glenn into space. It is nominated for three Oscars, for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress for Spencer

What I thought of Hidden Figures

I loved this movie. It was a film set in a time when not only African-Americans were being treated unfairly but also women. While these are contributing factors to the main character’s struggles in the workplace. This movie could easily be set in modern-day. These three women are inspirational. Against all odds, they empower each other to achieve the highest level in their career.
It is amazing to think how far the world has come in 50 years. It was interesting to see how important getting into space was. You can see the tension between Russia and the USA in the “Space Race” of the 60’s.
We also see how the advancement of technology essentially made people no longer valuable in the workplace. This is happening more and more in recent times. People have to adapt with the times or get left behind. This is how one character, in particular, established herself as a leading figure in her field.
I was not aware of the full American history of NASA so I was on the edge of my seat when John Glenn launched into space.

The Cast

Some of my favourite actors were in this movie. I love Octavia Spencer who plays Dorothy Vaughan. Kevin Costner who I haven’t seen in a movie in years, plays Al Harrison, director of the Space Task Group. I also thought Kirsten Dunst who plays a supervisor in the movie also did a good job.
This movie is a good contender for best movie at this year’s Oscars. I know everyone says La La Land has that award in the bank but Hidden Figures could give it a run for its money.

Check out the trailer below for Hidden Figures.