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How to survive getting through the airport

Going on holidays is really exciting. From organising your travels to planning your itinerary, it is great fun. I especially love getting on the plane and watching the world go by down below as I am flying in the clouds. The one part I don’t like is getting through the airport.

Doing what I like to call  ”the security shuffle “ which entails putting yourself and your bags through a scanner, to the actual wait to get on the plane which can be a nightmare. With my useful tips that I have picked up over the years it should make this process as hassle free as possible.

Before you get to the airport.

All airports are different. Some airports have lots of amenities with shops and restaurants etc. Others are basically a glorified shed.  You don’t want to be stuck at an airport for hours and realise there is nothing there to eat. Most airports now have website. Check it out before hand and find out what restaurants they have and their opening hours.

I always try to eat before going to the airport so if my plane gets delayed at least I won’t be left hungry. I always bring a snack just in case I’m feeling peckish (Jaffa cakes or almonds are my favourite)

Download all your music, games apps, boarding passes maps etc that you need before you go to the airport. You don’t want to be in a situation where you are relying on dodgy wifi to get your boarding pass. Get a portable charger and charge it up before you go. This will be a lifesaver if you get delayed and don’t have access to a plug.

Check in.

If you can at all try to check in online. It is much quicker and saves you time having to queue when you get to the airport. If you can avoid checking in a bag it means you don’t need to get to the airport as early. I have written some awesome tips on packing your carry-on which you can read here.   If you can’t avoid checking in at the airport go the desk nearest the business check in. Sometimes the business check-in desk takes pity on us mere mortals and will check you in saving you the hassle of queuing

Some airlines also allow you to check in your luggage the day before. This might be handy for you if you live near the airport. Put a tag or something on your bag that will make it easily identifiable when you are collecting your bag from the conveyor belt at your destination.


“The security shuffle”

This is the bit that is the most annoying. Here are some tips that can allow you to get through this process as quickly as possible.

If you are in a big airport there are usually many security desks you can go through. According to science people naturally gravitate to the right. Go to the security check on the left instead as this may save you some time and less queuing. For a fee some airports also have a fast-track queue which will allow you to be in and out of there in no time. This is especially handy if you are travelling on busy days such as Friday evenings.

If you like to wear jewellery while at the airport leave them in your bag until you get past the security check. It will save you the difficulty of trying to take off all your jewellery mid queue and putting them on again. Make sure all your pockets are empty and you don’t have any loose change on your person.

Liquid restrictions

There is one thing that really annoys the security scanners and that is liquids. Make sure you have no liquids in your bag over 100ml. I once forgot I had a can of cola in my bag which set off the scanners. I then had to wait for my bag to be checked by security. Needless to say I was sweating it for a while as I didn’t know the culprit can was in my bag.   If you end up in this situation do not get angry at the security staff. I was once at an airport where this person’s bag was pulled. She was very rude to staff which resulted in her all her bags being checked. It is not their fault the scanners went off. Be polite and nice and  they will have you on your way as quickly as possible. Before you get to the airport Have all your liquids in a clear bag that is in line with airport security standards. Put your liquids and electronic devices in a section in your bag that will be easily accessible to save time.

Pro tip: The price of water at the airport can be pretty expensive. Bring an empty water bottle with you and fill it up when you get past security. I like to bring this foldable bottle that I got in Pennys/Primark which takes up no space bag.


While you wait for the plane

When you are waiting for your plane there are usually some facilities available, especially at bigger airports. Download GateGuru and Loungebuddy which will tell you what facilities are available. When I had a stopover in Kuala Lumpur for 5 hours I paid 10 euros to stay in this quiet room. I got a magazine, snacks and drinks while also being able to relax on a comfy lounger with a blanket and some chilled music. #heaven

When you are at the boarding desk don’t queue up like everyone else. You don’t need to. Instead stay sitting and wait until the queue starts moving or is nearly finished. All airlines pretty much give you an assigned seat so what is the rush. If you are the last one on the plane and it is not full you may even get a better seat.

Once you’re on the plane sit back relax and enjoy your trip 🙂
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How to survive getting through the airport