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Become a Pro with these Instagram Stories tips


Instagram Stories has taken the world by storm with more people using it than Snapchat.

There are now over 200 million users using Instagram Stories every day. With more and more updates in a bid to compete with Snapchat, it’s hard to keep up. Here are some of my favourite Instagram Stories hacks to keep your account on Fleek.

Use your own colours

If you are writing or drawing and want to use a particular colour, don’t just use the colour swatches. Press and hold one of the swatches and a colour wall will appear allowing you to select the colour of your choice.


Create a solid colour background

A quick way to create a coloured background is to select a colour, press and hold the screen for three seconds and the colour will fill the screen.

Share an old photo

While you are in the camera section of Instagram stories you can swipe up to show all the photos and videos you have taken in the past 24 hours. If you want to share an older photo, go to your photo album on your phone and take a screenshot of the desired photo. This will then appear as a new photo in your album allowing you to share it on Instagram

Make a shadow for your text

Add more drama to your text by creating a shadow. Write a piece of text and select a colour of your choosing. Once finished select the text symbol again and write the same text and place the text slightly off from the original text making a shadow effect

Create your own filters

If you want to create some really cool colour filters select an emoji or a picture from the options. Once it is placed on the photo/video expand it so much to the outer corners so that it creates this wonderful gradient.


Make writing/ emojis move in videos

If you want an emoji or writing to move in a video, press and hold the emoji/text and the option to place the item in the video will appear. This is great if you have a moving object in the video and you want it to move with it.

Zoom in on videos 

If you are taking a video and want to zoom into a particular area start recording with your finger on the recording button. Slide your finger upwards on the screen and the video will zoom in.


Mention other Instagram accounts

You can now name other instagram accounts in stories which will become links to that user’s account. When in text mode type the @ symbol and the username. As you start to type, instagrammers accounts start to appear at the bottom of the screen. This is useful if you are not 100% sure what the username is. Once selected this will then create a link that the viewer can click which will redirect them to the instagram account.


Use location/hashtags to be featured

Instagram now has Instagram stories by location and hashtag. Similar to regular photos if you search for a hashtag or location on Instagram, not only will photos appear but also any Instagram stories that have used tags or locations in their snaps. If you pin the location in such a way that it is hidden from the screen it will still show up in the featured section.

Turn live photos into Boomerang videos

Did you know you can bring your photos to life with Boomerang Videos? If your phone creates live photos you can turn these into boomerang videos by selecting the photo in Instagram stories, then press and hold the photo and viola, it’s a boomerang.

Create cool images with Spark Post

I found this really cool app recently called Spark Post which allows you to create beautiful graphics with animation. It will also adjust the graphic you are creating to the Instagram story size.

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