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June: What to watch in the Cinema and on Netflix

Can you believe June is here already?  Summer is flying by so fast and yet there is so much to watch on the cinema and Netflix this month. Check out all the best of what to what on the cinema and Netflix in Ireland this June


2nd June – Baywatch

Yes you read that right Baywatch is back with a brand new remake. I can imagine this movie will be the ultimate cringe-fest but the trailer looks like a laugh a minute.

2nd June – Wonder Woman

I’m sure by now you have seen the ads and the trailers bouncing around social media. Wonder Woman is finally here and hitting the cinemas in June.  This movie gives information about her origin and how she ended up coming to earth and saving the planet. DC has gotten a hard time with their last few movies but I think they may be onto a winner with this one.

2nd June – My life as a Courgette

This is a stop-motion animation about a boy who is sent to a foster home after his mum dies. Trough the trails and tribulations of having to deal with living in an orphanage he learns to love and look for a new family. This is getting excellent reviews on rotten tomatoes with a score of 100%

9th June – The Mummy

The Mummy movie that we loved in the 00’s is now being re-made starring Sofia Boutella, Tom Cruise, Annabelle Wallis and Russell Crowe.  (What is up with all the re-makes this year?) I think this version will be a bit more intense than the last movie version of the story.

9th June – My Cousin Rachel

This movie is based on the English Novel by the same name written by Daphne du Maurier (she also wrote the famous novel Rachel). The story is about an Englishman who plots revenge against his cousin, who he thinks murdered his guardian. however his plans get skewed when he begins to fall in love with her. (Yes I know their cousins but it’s England and it’s a period drama so therefore its ok?)

16th June – Churchill

A biopic about the famous British Prime Minister starring Brian Cox. John Lithgow gave an excellent portrayal of Churchill in the TV series The Crown. It would be hard to beat his performance.

16th June – Whitney: Can I Be Me

A documentary on the life of Whitney Houston. Its getting great reviews as it looks back on the life of one of the most talented pop stars.

23rd June – The Beguiled

Directed by Sophia Coppola and starring Nicole Kidman, Elle Fanning, Kirsten Dunst and Colin Farrell. This film is set in the american civil war where a girls school takes in a wounded union soldier.

30th June – Despicable Me 3

The minions are back for a third instalment of Despicable Me where the usual high jinx and plots of world domination are to be had.

30th June – A Man Called Ove

This excellent, best-selling novel is finally being made into a movie. This story is about a grumpy old man who gets a rude awakening when a young family moves next door. this is getting great reviews on rotten tomatoes and at 91% this is definitely one to watch in the cinema


2nd June – Saving Banksy

This is a documentary about the world-famous street artist Banksy and an attempt to save his artwork.

9th June – Orange is the New Black (Season 5)

Our favourite bad girls are back in the new season of Orange is the New Black

7th June – Trolls

If you missed out on this movie in the cinema it is coming to Netflix this June. Follow the life of two trolls who get into a lot of mischief.

20th June – Moana

If you missed out on Disney’s blockbuster hit last summer, Moana is being released on Netflix this month

23rd June – Glow (Season 1)

A Netflix original about a woman who takes up a carer in wrestling in the 1980’s

30th June – Gypsy (Season 1)

This Netflix original is about a therapist who becomes involved in the lives of her patients starring Naomi Watts.