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Leaders of Tomorrow – Coder DoJo Coolest Projects

On Saturday, I attended Coder Dojo’s Coolest Projects Conference that took place in the RDS in Dublin.

This conference was an opportunity for young people from Ireland and abroad to showcase their innovations and ideas. It was a very similar layout and structure as the Websummit but for children. Just because they were children however does not mean their ideas were in any way less innovative or informative. There were programmes which children invented to assist the blind and the hearing impaired, Robotics, games and coding galore. The children I spoke to loved showing off their accomplishments and eager to demonstrate their skills.

Discussions on upcoming technology

During the day, there was also talks from leading experts in the various fields of technology. One talk I attended was by Philip Moynagh titled “The Internet of Things isn’t just Hype, It’s a reality”. This talk was quite interesting as he spoke about how a problem has been resolved using Internet of things and how to bring it to market. An example he gave was using wearable technology for babies to eradicate cot death. He spoke in detail about the importance of coding for young people and stated it was more important now for young people to learn to code than it was to learn a language.

Coolest Projects

I also attended a panel discussion titled “Women Leaders in Tech: How to achieve true diversity in technology” where women who are leaders in technology spoke about encouraging young women to become part of the technology industry, how diversity in technology has improved in the past number of years and where to go from here to further diversity in technology businesses.

women in tech - coolest projects


Past and Present Tech

There were many sections in the conference, my favorite took me back in time where there was a display of old computers including an old Macintosh and an Atari. Bringing us back to the 21st century, Kano a company selling computer kits were demonstrating how young people could build their own computer using their kits.



There was also a display section of 3D printers and demonstrations on how they operate.

3D Printer

Other displays were Woof adviser which is a website dedicated to informing you of pet-friendly accommodation and services and Zip and the Misty Mountain which is a 2D runner game where a headset is used to control the game. This activity is supposed to improve focus and concentration for children

The conference was interesting and thought provoking. It was great to be able to listen to leaders in tech from around the world and to meet the next generation of leaders in the technology industry.