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Logan: A brilliant tribute to Hugh Jackman’s 17 year performance

Character Portrayal9.7
Visual Effects7.5
Costume 6.4
7.6Overall Score

The Plot

This movie is set in 2029 where Logan is left to care for an elderly Professor Xavier who is hiding out along the Mexican border. There is no longer a significant mutant population and the X-Men team have disbanded. (If you want to get full information on Wolverines timeline from the previous movies check out this video)

What I thought of Logan

This was a very different movie to the normal X-Men films. It shows the characters of Wolverine and Charles Xavier in a completely different light. They are not the heroes that we know them to be. They are just ordinary men who are getting older and are struggling with their mortality. This is the most realistic of all the X-Men movies. While there is the usual bad guy plot that you see in every superhero movie, it is not the main storyline. The main storyline is about Wolverine and the enduring friendship between Charles and Logan. Both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart did an excellent job in their recurring roles and gave the audiences a deeper and better understanding of the characters.  If you took out the mutant gene element to the story, this movie could easily have been regarded as an action movie similar to Man on Fire. I haven’t seen a film that makes you forget it is a comic book movie since the Dark Night series.

Hugh Jackman who has played Wolverine since 2000 has said that this is going to be his last Wolverine movie. I have loved the X-Men movies especially Wolverines stand alone movies. While I will be sad to no longer see Wolverine on our screens, I believe this movie was a great tribute to the character that audiences came to love over the last 13 years. This is not the normal PG X-Men movie so be warned if you are bringing children expect to hear swear words.

Check out the trailer for Logan which is in cinemas now.