Long haul flights are both exciting and dreadful.

I love going on long haul flights as it means I’m traveling to somewhere exotic. It also means I am going to be stuck on a plane for potentially 13 hours until I reach that dream destination.

Here are some tips to get you through that long haul flight.

find out about the plane

Before you fly, find out as much as you can about the plane you are flying on and what the facilities are. For example, Malaysia Airlines has an upper economy which has more leg room and bigger storage. Seat Guru is a great website which will give you all the info.

aisle seat or window seat?

In general, I love sitting in the window seat, however, during a long haul flight, you don’t want to be crawling over a stranger to go to the bathroom. This is where research comes in handy. The majority of window seats are in rows of two. If you are travelling with another person look to be seated at a window so at least you can take turns looking at the view below. If you are travelling alone get an aisle seat so that you have room to move around without bothering anyone.

What to bring with you on the flight


Makeup/ skin care products

There are many blogs and YouTube videos that will tell you about all sorts of lotions and potions you need to bring with you on a flight. I calculated one Youtubers recommendations cost over 300 euros if I was to buy everything they suggested. That is a nice chunk of money that could actually be spent on the holiday itself. My advice is do not go buying products that you do not use already.

The things I bring on a flight with me are:

  • face wipes (these can double up as hand wipes)
  • a good moisturiser
  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • very basic makeup products that I can’t do without

Need tips on how to pack a carry on? get awesome packing tips here

Items to keep me sane.

If you are on a flight that has a TV in the seat in front of you, you are pretty much sorted. However if you are on one of those flights with no mod-cons you have to entertain yourself. Here are some of the items I bring with me

My Kindle/My iPad

Depending on if there are TV’s available on the flight I usually leave my iPad at home and just bring my Kindle. If I bring my iPad I upload different movies and TV shows in advance so that I have my own entertainment system. During a 7 hour flight if you have three movies ready to go this will take up a good chunk of time.

Download a few books before hand on your kindle/reading device. The other option is of course to bring a physical book with you!!  Lots of time passes with a good book

Pack of playing cards

I never go anywhere without a pack of playing cards. They are essential for some inflight entertainment with a significant other and perhaps a conversation starter with someone next to you who is also equally bored.


Portable charger

To keep all those electronic devices charged, bring a portable charger with you. Portable chargers range in prices between 15 euro to 150 depending on its size and power. Even the 15 euro charger will power up your phone one-two times and definitely worth bringing with you.

Items to help me sleep

Bring your own pillow?

There is a difference of opinion with regards to bringing your own pillow. On the plus side you have something to rest your head on when you want to have a snooze on the plane. The downside is you have to lug it around with you for the whole of your holidays taking up valuable holiday space. I bought this 2 in 1 pillow a few years ago and I love it. Although I don’t bring it with me on every flight, I do bring it for the longer ones. There are so many travel pillows out there, it is simply a matter of preference. Do your research before hand as some airlines actually provide pillows to customers.

Pillow cover

For flights that provide a pillow, I bring a pillow cover from home a put it over the pillow I am given. I find it makes it more comfortable and it is something from home which helps me sleep better.

Tips to stop being jet lagged 

Change your time

Before you set foot on the plane, change the time on your watch/phone to the current time of your destination. This will trick your brain into adjusting to the new time zone.



It is important during the flight to get up and move around so that the flight doesn’t interfere with your circulation. Virgin Atlantic has some great exercises you can do while in your seat. Check it out here 


I hope these tips will make your travels as comfortable as possible. Sit back, relax and enjoy your holidays.
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How to get through a long haul flight