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How to make the most of your vacation time to travel.


Do you get travel envy when you read about people taking months off from work and spending time travelling the Globe?

While it would be nice to do this not everyone has the ability to take months off work and leave home.
Here is how you can travel regularly while using the vacation time that you have from work.

How much time off do you have?

The first thing you need to do is calculate how many days off do you actually get. Do you have a set number of days off work? Do you get days off for Bank Holidays/National Holidays etc? Is there certain family functions such as christenings or weddings that you need to take time off for? Once as you know how much time you have for travel you can get to planning when to go on holidays

Reduce unnecessary days off.

If there is a function you need to attend do you really need to take a day off for it? Could you just take a half day instead? This is where the planning stage is vital as you can calculate whether you need to take this time off or not.

Holiday smart not hard.

You need to make the most out of your holiday time as possible and get the most into the days off that you have. I set a goal for myself to travel abroad to a European City every six to eight weeks. Even if I only travelled every 8 weeks that would mean I visited 6 new countries I had never been to before. Here is how to accomplish this.

Planning is Key 

If you have weekends and bank holidays off plan around these dates. You can fly somewhere on the Friday evening and come back on the Monday. If you have the time off why not take an extra day off like the Friday or the Tuesday. That would mean you have four days away and only needed to use one day of your holiday time.

Saving for Travel

How to afford all this travelling

Travelling every 6-8 weeks can be costly. If you are on a budget don’t be particular about where you want to go. There are certain times of the year you get different deals for various holidays and city breaks. I find you can always find cheap accommodation but it is more difficult to find cheap flights. If you see cheap flights online buy them and organise the rest later. is great for finding cheap deals. Sign up to the mailing lists of different airlines and you will be the first to know when these deals come on offer.

Set up a travel fund.

Even if you only put a small amount of money in it every week it still adds up. This holiday fund will be vital if you have even two days off work and find a great deal online. You then have the money to go on a spontaneous two days abroad.


I hope these tips have helped It is possible to travel while working and what is the point of working if you can’t enjoy life. 

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Make the most of vacation time for travel