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March: What to Watch in the cinema and on Netflix


Now that the awards season is over, its nice to be able to watch some exciting new releases this month. As well as some nostalgic movies like the new release of Beauty and the Beast, there is also some old favourites on Netflix like Jurassic Park, Million Dollar Baby and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Check out the full list of what to watch in the Cinema and on Netflix in March


Logan – 3rd March

Hugh Jackman has said that this is going to be his last performance as Wolverine. Check out the full review here. Well worth a trip to the cinema

Fist Fight – 3rd March

This comedy starring Charlie Day and Ice Cube is about two teachers getting into an after school fight. Go to watch this if your looking for a few laughs.

Trespass against us – 3rd March

Starring Michael Fassbender and Brendan Gleeson, this movie is about a man struggling to change his criminal ways. Anything with these two irish actors is guaranteed to be good.

Kong – Skull Island – 10th March

This is a remake of the famous King Kong movie. Starring Tom Hiddleston this movie actually looks as if it could give the original a run for its money. I see a sequel on the horizon if this goes well in the box office.

Beauty and the Beast – 17th March

The long-awaited remake of the 1994 academy award-winning cartoon of the same name is returning to the cinemas. This live action version is starring Emma Watson as Belle along with some other famous actors such as Dan Stevens and Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson

Powerrangers – 24th of March

The tv show that we all loved as children is getting a full on movie remake. Starring Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Banks, Bill Hader and Naomi Scott


Jurassic Park Franchise – 1st March

The most loved 1993, 1997 and 2000 Jurassic Park series is hitting Netflix screens this month. Go watch it for a bit of nostalgia and look at how far we have come in the movie world with robotics and CGI. To be fair though for 1993 the special effects were pretty good.



BFG ( Big Friendly Giant) -15th March

If you missed this movie last year in the cinema it will be on Netflix this month. It has gotten mixed reviews and is not my favourite movie in this genre however I think if you were a fan of the story as a child you will want to watch this.

Iron Fist (season 1) -17th March

The newest TV show in the Marvel TV franchise Iron Fist will be appearing on Netflix St Patrick’s Day. This is set to continue the Marvel Superhero timeline on Netflix.

Fire at Sea – 21st March

This documentary is set off the coast of Italy and looks at the refugee crises along the Mediterranean coast. This gives a great insight into the difficulties that are going on in this area as a result of the Syrian war.

Better Call Saul – 27th March

Better Call Saul is back with a new season. This is a spin-off TV show of Breaking Bad which follows the lawyer before Walter White existed. You do not need to know the Breaking Bad story to watch this show. If you have not done it already I recommend you go back and watch the previous seasons.