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Miss Sloane: A fast paced movie political die-hards will love

Character Portrayal8.5
6.7Overall Score

Even though this movie has been released in the states for months Miss Sloane has only recently hit the Irish cinemas.

The Plot

Starring Jessica Chastain as Miss Sloane, this movie is about a lobbyist working for a large company in Washington. She trades in her high paying job to take on a bill looking to tighten gun control. Obsessed with a win Miss Sloane is willing to do anything in to get what she wants.
While the concept of lobbying is around in Ireland it is not to the same extent that it is in the USA. Lobbying is big business in Washington. Companies will pay millions to get a bill that suits their interests passed into law. This movie goes behind the scenes of these companies and looks at how they operate. With some drama added in of course.

The Cast and Miss Sloane 

The main character is interesting and Jessica Chastain plays her well . At the beginning of the movie Miss Sloane goes from being in a big company to a small operation in order to compete with the gun lobbyist group. Her reasoning for this gets queried as being an emotional one. Miss Sloane blows this off as being ridiculous. It leaves the audience wondering what did she do it for? Miss Sloane is portrayed as having this addiction to winning. This is more realistic than a Hollywood sob story that is often stuck into the movie for the character to be more relatable to the audience. When you look at this character you can imagine a lobbyist to be like this. Not necessarily interested in the product they are trying to sell, but more interested in the politics of winning. There is a good cast in this movie. Some of those include Sam Waterston, John Lithgow and Alison Pill who also do a good job. 

What I thought of Miss Sloane 

I think this movie was trying to be all things to all people. If you were not aware of the whole lobbying concept it may have been quite confusing. If this was the case sometimes the storyline might have gone over your head. But if you were aware of lobbying you may have been bored in some parts of the movie. On occasion there is time spent explaining how lobbying works which made it redundant for those who were already aware of the concept
Overall it was a really good movie. It was well thought out and had a good storyline. It is a movie for people who have an interest in politics. I think those who don’t have an interest might get lost in the movie and may get bored with it after a while.

Should I go see this movie? 

If you are a fan of politics I think you will love this movie. It has plenty of plot twists and underhanded tactics to keep the viewer intrigued. Like I mentioned before if you know nothing about lobbying or how it operates in Washington you might get a bit lost. However if you are interested in the concept you will certainly learn a lot for this film. 

Check out the trailer below. In Cinemas now.