Monaco: A beautiful day trip to this amazing Country

During my travels around the South of France, I decided to go on a day trip to Monaco. This small country is most known for its royalty, Grand Prix and the wealthy people who live there.

How to get there

It takes about half an hour by train from nice and it’s an enjoyable train ride as you get to view to beautiful coastline along the way.

Getting around Monaco

Monaco itself is built on a hill so be prepared for a great deal of walking. Monaco is quite small and everything that you may want to see is not that far from each other.

If you only have a few hours and don’t like the idea of walking up and down steps and hills I suggest getting a bus pass. It costs 5 euros for the day and you have unlimited access to their buses.

Things to do

Although Monaco is known for their wealth, the attractions you visit are quite cheap and very reasonable. Out of all my travels in the South of France, I think I spent the least in Monte Carlo.

The Palace

The home of the royal family of Monaco is open to visitors throughout the year and is a lovely place to visit. It will take you through luxurious rooms throughout the palace.There is also a changing of the guard outside during the day.

Oceanographic Museum

Just a stroll downhill from the Palace is the Oceanographic Museum. It was built by .Prince Albert 1st due to his love of science and marine biology. This will enchant and interest Adults and children alike and was my favourite attraction in Monaco.

The Prince of Monaco’s Vintage Car Collection

For the Grand Prix enthusiasts, there is a car museum well stocked with all the various vehicles used by the royal family as well as Grand Prix cars. All the cars are in very good condition and well worth a visit.

The Casino

No trip to Monaco is complete without a trip to the casino. The casino in the main square is beautifully designed and if you have no interest in gambling you can enter into the lobby area for free.  During the day you can access the casino for 10 euros  If you feel rich after your trip to the Casino you can go to one of the restaurants nearby but be warned as these places have premium prices.

Monaco is a magical place, everything is so clean and so up to date in terms of the latest technologies, it almost does not seem real. The next time you are traveling to nice or near that area, take a trip to Monaco as you will not be disappointed.