Character Portrayal 10
Soundtrack 8.3
Visual Effects8.7
8.3Overall Score

I had the pleasure of attending the cinema last month for a preview screening of A Monster Calls.

The movie is based on a novel by Patrick Ness. It was launched at the Toronto film festival in September 2016 and received positive reviews from critics.

The Plot

The movie is about a boy who in order to cope with his mother’s illness creates a monster (played by Liam Neeson) to comfort him in his time of need.

The acting was excellent in this film

Felicity Jones plays the role of the mum in this story and performs well in her role, in particular portraying the love she has for her son while struggling with a severe illness. Lewis Mc Dougall although he was only twelve years of age during filming, is able to portray the difficulties of having a sick mother and the feeling of loss and loneliness that it brings along with having to manage other family members such as a stubborn grandmother (Sigourney Weaver)  and a long distance father (Toby Kebbell)  .

What I thought about the movie

When I have spoken to my friends about this movie the one word I have used to describe it is sad. This film will pull at your heart-strings and make you empathise with all the characters in the movie. Normally in a movie such as this where very deep emotional topics are discussed there is always some sort of scene that is thrown in to lighten the mood or make you feel somewhat better before the big heart-wrenching scenes. In this movie, I felt there was nothing to make you feel better, no underlying joke or a character making a fool of themselves to entertain. Connors life was just left as it was; raw, sad and heartbreaking. I believe because of this it made the movie more authentic and real for the characters as well as the audience.

This movie is in cinemas now. Go and see the movie but you may want to watch a comedy film afterward

Watch the trailer below