Never be bored again with these simple steps on how to watch Netflix offline


The one thing I hate when having bad internet reception is not being able to watch Netflix when I’m bored. It is my ultimate bugbear.

You get onto a plane or train excited to watch the newest film or TV show. Disappointment ensues when the iTunes movie you paid to rent didn’t download properly. Even worse, the internet isn’t working. Has this ever happened to you? Those days are now over. Netflix has now updated their app to allow you to download a movie or TV show onto your phone so you can watch offline. 

I was surprised at how easy it was to use and to download. Normally if I am going on a big trip I give in and rent a movie from iTunes. But this usually takes an incredibly long time to download. Of course I always leave it last-minute so the movie I paid for doesn’t always download which defeats the whole purpose. When I downloaded a Netflix Tv show using the updated app, each episode only took a few seconds to download. The Full movie of Eat, Pray, Love took less than a minute. 
Unfortunately not all the movies and TV shows are available for download on Netflix. To find out if a show is available by searching for the download icon. You can also search for movies and TV shows in the Available for Download category in the menu. Here is how to download movies and TV shows on Netflix 

1: Make sure you have the latest update on your Netflix App

2: Look for the download icon or search for movies/shows under the Available for Download category in the menu section 

3: click on the download icon and wait for it to download

4: Search for the downloaded items in the My Downloads Section in the menu 

5: Select you desired viewing and enjoy 😀