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My name is Christina and I am a typical 20 something-year-old girl. Like most people my age I spend a ridiculous amount of time on social media and binge watching the latest TV show on Netflix. When I am not working I like to make the most of my holidays by travelling around Ireland and beyond. I also like to keep up to date on the latest tech gadgets and phones available to enhance my social media addiction further.

When I went looking for a blog to suit my interests, I found there was nothing out there that I could relate to. Hence was born.







Dear Passerby discusses the latest information on Tech, TV, and Travel. If you want to find out the latest Snapchat hacks, how to take the best photos using your phone, what TV shows will help you get over the loss of Downtown Abbey or how to have your own travel adventure while working 9-5, Dear Passerby is the blog for you. Dear Passerby was a finalist in the Littlewoods Ireland  Blog awards 2016.

All the photos I take are done so using my phone proving you don’t need fancy equipment to take beautiful photos.

I hope you enjoy Dear Passerby as much as I enjoy creating it.😀




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