Nice in 48 hours: A perfect weekend break

Nice is such a lovely city to visit. While it’s quite a large city it’s easy to get around and just admire the beautiful scenery and architecture.

It is a great place to just explore and get lost in the streets of this old city.

Being a big city there are so many options to choose from when it comes to accommodation.  I was short on time and didn’t want to spend all day travelling around. I decided to stay near the old town of nice as this seems to be where most of the tourist attractions are.

The hotel I stayed was called Hotel Aston la Scala. It was really nice, the room was a bit small however it was comfortable and well furnished. Overall the hotel was very good value for the location as it was very close to the promenade and the old town of Nice.

Things to do.

Castle Park

This was the highlight of my trip to nice.  The park is set on the grounds that originally held a castle high above old Nice. You can walk the hundreds of steps to get to the top or you can take an elevator. I decided to cheat and take the elevator. There was a queue for it however I didn’t have to wait that long. You also have the option of taking the mini train to the top of the Castle park which will collect and drop you off at the Fontaine du Soleil.

Make sure to give yourself time to look around.  The majority of people were rushing to take in the views along the beachfront however I discovered a completely different view of nice on the other side of the park. there were beautiful views of Nice Port, the terracotta houses, and the mountains.

Many locals and tourists alike were in the park having a picnic, chatting and playing games. If you plan ahead why not grab a few croissants and have a mini picnic yourself?

Get lost in Old Nice

This is a great place to walk around and explore. There are so many restaurants, bars and array of shops. You do not know what is around the next corner of these tiny cobbled alleyways and streets. My advice is to just walk around them, soak in the atmosphere and discover an adventure.

The Promenade.

While the beaches in Nice are not my favourite I loved walking along the promenade and watching the different activities of passersby. There are many restaurants and beach bars if you feel like having a rest and soaking the views of the crashing waves along the pebble beach.

Food and drink.

Fennochios ice cream.

This place is quite famous in nice for its ice cream. It has dozens of flavours to choose from and it great to cool down on a hot summers day. check out their wide selection of flavours here

Citrus Restaurant

I had a lovely dinner at Citrus restaurant and was quite reasonable for a three corse dinner. Often I have a big lunch when on holidays so I’m not hungry until later in the evening. I discovered this place is opened later than other restaurants in that area which suited me perfectly.

Ma Nolans.

I am a sucker for going to Irish bars when I am away on holidays. Ma Nolans was excellent and had a great atmosphere. I ended up chatting to a man from Clare and two women from Tipperary. The staff are really friendly and their nachos are delicious. They show sports matches including GAA matches if you are looking to watch a bit of sport while on holidays.


There are many markets around the Nice area. The most popular one is the flower market in old nice. Even though it was further out of the city centre, one of my favourite was the Liberation market. It is mostly food market however it is more of a locals market. The nice tram will drop you directly in the market area. Nearby there is an amazing bakery called La Provencale Boulangerie on Boulevard Joseph Garnier which makes the best croissants I have ever tasted.

A park next to the Liberation Market

Go to Monaco.

If you are staying there for a full two days why not go to Monaco for a day trip. There is a train directly from Nice to Monaco with lots of things to see and do there. Just be mindful of all the hills.

Nice is a perfect weekend break

I wasn’t expecting much from Nice however I am delighted I went there on my way home to Ireland. It is great as a base for the South of France or even for a weekend break. There is plenty to do there but at the same time it is easy to relax, unwind and let the world pass you by as you sit outside a French cafe with a croissant and a glass of wine.


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