Now TV Review: A multichannel alternative?


I recently saw an advert on TV promoting the new Now TV box and decided to give it a try. Here is a full review of how I found it.

Before I start I must disclose I completely hate Virgin Media TV. The click-through is slow, often my TV shows do not record and I find it extremely difficult to navigate. The only reason I have Virgin Media TV is that I cannot get Sky where I live.

When I heard about Now TV I thought this is a great alternative. I can get all the TV shows I love to watch like Game of Thrones, Handmaids Tale, The Young Pope etc for only 15 euros a month. After about two weeks of using it here is my full thoughts on Now TV

The Benefits

The Price

The fact that it is only 15 euros a month with no contract is a huge benefit. The basic package for Virgin Media is 30 per month however they are currently doing a 30-day rolling contract for 20 euros in order to compete with Now TV

Sky Atlantic

Virgin Media does not have access to Sky Atlantic. With Now TV, I can watch some great new TV shows as well as the classics such as the Sopranos and The West Wing.

Watch TV shows live

Unlike Netflix, Now TV also has live TV channels such as Sky Living, Sky Atlantic, Comedy Central, GOLD, Fox and MTV. There is also a sports section that you can watch live and other channels which you can pay a fee to watch major sporting events.

There is an app

If you are on the move there is a Now TV app which you can watch all the programs on your tablet or phone.


The’re not many Catch Up TV channels.

Unlike most TV box’s nowadays there are not many TV player options. At the moment the only options available are Now TV catch up, 3 Player and All 4. I would like to have had RTE Player included along with a few others but I’m sure they will all be developed in time.

The Catch-Up TV channels do not work very well.

While the Now TV catch-up option works fine, The All 4 is essentially their website. It is hard to navigate and if I wanted to continue to the next episode of a TV show, it was easier to go back to the main Now TV navigator rather than trying to scroll through the All 4 site. Although the 3 Player was easier to use. It was still better to use the Now TV box set to find TV shows.

Some TV channels are missing.

If you are going to solely rely on Now TV there are a number of channels I watch on a regular basis such as RTE and BBC which are not available.

It doesn’t automically start the next episode.

I am being picky with this downside but it’s one of the things that irritated me. Maybe I have become used to Netflix automatically rolling into the next episode it never occurred to me that Now TV would be different.  Once a TV show has ended it does give you the option to click onto the next episode.It has happened on a few occasions I have forgotten to click onto the next episode which meant I had to go back to the menu to find the new episode.This can be a positive or a negative. If you are like me and from time to time fall asleep on the couch while watching a show, Now TV is for you.

You can watch movies but at an extra cost.

There is a number of Premium Sky channels which you can watch but it will cost extra. If you want to access the movies option it will cost an additional 15 euros a month. There is, however, a sky store option where you can actually buy the DVD (does anyone use these anymore) and a HD digital copy. Some of these are really expensive with some newer titles retailing at 17 euros per DVD. There are some movies for rent but not all of them are. They tend to be ones that have been released for a while which means you have probably seen them before. Renting costs are around 4-5 euros per movie which seem a bit more reasonable.

Do I recommend Now TV

I think this is a fantastic option if you want to strike a balance between watching TV live and having great TV show box sets to watch. I think it’s for people who want an extra few channels and don’t want to pay an extortionate amount of money to get it. If you are planning on getting Now TV bear in mind you do need broadband in the house. Therefore you will need to factor this into the overall cost of the Now TV. I had no difficulties with the connection but if you had poor broadband this may affect the functionality of the Now TV. I certainly prefer this to Virgin Media and I am seriously considering getting rid of it.

Find out more information on Now TV here