Character Portrayal 6
Soundtrack 8
Visual Effects6.6
6.3Overall Score

This week I got to see Passengers the movie starring Jenifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt

The Plot

Earth has now become overcrowded resulting in some of the human race opting to live on another planet far away from Earth. Jim (Chris Pratt) is one of the passengers on board a ship travelling to a far off planet. After a meteor shower hits the ship, Jim wakes up 30 years into a 120-year journey to another planet.

What I think of the movie

From the trailer I expected it to be more of an action movie. While there were certain action scenes in it, most of the time is spent on the relationship between Chris Pratt’s character and has a deep love for ¬†Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence). Think of it more like Tom Hanks in Castaway if Wilson could actually talk and he was stuck on a Royal Caribbean cruise liner. The movie itself was fine but the main issue regarding something being wrong with the ship resolved itself quite quickly once as they decided to look for the problem in the first place, After two years!!!.

I think in general Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence did a good job portraying their characters and in fairness deserve some credit for taking on roles from where there are no other characters apart from an android robot played by Michael Sheen. This meant the camera was with the characters all the time which can be hard for audiences. Overall with so many other good films out in the cinema at the moment I would opt to go to something else if you had the option unless it so happens to be Silence. The one thing I took away from this movie, if ever a cruise in Space existed I would be on it. Not unless of course, I had to go into a deep sleep to get there!!

Check out the Trailer for Passengers below