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5 Phone accessories in Penny’s for under 10 euro

You may know Penny’s for its super cheap clothing, beauty and homewares. Looking for some phone accessories and don’t want to spend a fortune to get them?

Did you know that Pennys also has a Technology section?

 The one thing I hate with my iPhone is when the cable breaks (or I lose the thing which happens ALOT) I hate having to cough up 20 euros for a new cable. Penny’s has a lot of different tech accessories available at great prices.
Check out some of my favourites phone accessories below which I picked up in Penny’s.

Small 2in1 iPhone/micro USB cable

This cable has changed my life since I bought it. I hate carrying around long cables in my bag and if I want to charge my portable charger or Bluetooth speaker I have to carry two cables. This 2in1 cable solves this problem. It is especially handy for travelling around and it is neat and fits into any pocket. this cable comes in multiple colours.

Phone holder

Have you got a particular place you charge your phone where ends up on the ground or hanging from the cable? This holder gives your phone a shelf to place your phone while charging. Although I used the iPhone plug it did tend to slip off the plug easily. If you had a thicker plug I think it would work better. It comes in pink and grey colours

Phone camera lens

I’ve seen many camera lenses available but with a bargain of 8 euros, I thought this was the time to buy. It comes with three different lenses that clip onto the phone. It didn’t work as well with my iPhone 7 as with other phone devices. Older models seem to work better

Cable holders

I had gotten these before from another company and they are so useful. They stick to anything and keep your cables in place. this saves you from having to reach behind a desk or table trying to get your cable. The only downside to the penny versions is they don’t stick very well. As these cable holders are only 1.50 euros you can buy double-sided tape and this problem would be solved.

Piggy Stand

If you’re travelling around and want to watch something on your phone this little piggy stand is perfect. it sticks to the back of your phone allowing your phone to be free-standing. The best part of this? It is only 50 cent.