Pintxos Food Trail, Sitges: what are pintxos and where to go

Even though pintxos are more of a tradition in the north, it has become very popular all over Spain.

Pintxos is also known as pinchos or tapas depending on what part of the country you are in. While Tapas has become a larger meal, pintxos are usually served on a slice of bread. I loved exploring all the best places in Sitges for pintxos. 

What are Pintxos? 

Pintxos originally was served in bars as a snack with drinks. In a pintxos bar, there is a choice of pintxos usually on bread with a toothpick on top. Basically, you grab a plate and pick whatever pintxos you want.  You keep the toothpicks and once you are finished eating you bring them to the till where they calculate the price based on how many tapas you’ve eaten

Here is a list of Pintxos places I tried while in Sitges

There are a few of these places in Sitges. They offer a fine selection of pintxos and at a good price. I went to one of these places first and it was a great start to my pintxos trail
This was my favourite pintxos restaurant. They had a lovely selection of pintxos and they even make their own wine. I especially loved their goats cheese pintxos with a lovely onion marmalade. 
This place was really busy, we were very lucky to get a table. They had a fine selection of pintxos including mini burgers and meat skewers. They also have a sit-down service with a full tapas selection.  
If you want something different this place does lovely wine and will give you meat in a cone. Not exactly traditional but with good food drink and friendly staff its hard not to put this on your pintxos trail

Tips for going on a Pintxos food trail in Sitges

The places I mentioned above are only a small selection of places that offer pintxos. The whole point of pintxos is the ability to wander around and have some snacks with your drinks. My advice for having your own pintxos trail in Sitges is to explore the narrow cobbled streets and see where your trail takes you
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