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TV Show Spinoffs: When it’s time to say enough is enough

With Game of Thrones announcing four TV show spinoffs should we be worried?

There have been many TV shows I have been sad to say goodbye to down through the years. Many have been excellent pieces of work. I have often gotten enthralled in the storyline at hand and left wanting more. However there comes a time when you have to let go and leave the show end on a high. Many shows have fell ill to the consequence of tying to cream the ratings for all its worth. The best example of this was the last season of How I Met your Mother. They really should have finished a season or two before they did. However they kept going and the audience lost interest. Season 5 of HIMYM still remains one of the best seasons of any TV comedy but it is slightly tainted by what came after. 

But what about Spinoffs?

I am partial to good Spinoffs and I think the best types are the ones where you actually forget they were a spinoff in the first place. An example of this would be Fraiser. Many people forget that Frasier actually started out as a character on Cheers. Some people would even say that Frasier was better than the original.

This cast brings back memories 🙂

What’s in store for the Game of Thrones Spinoff?

With Game of Thrones coming to an end there was a great deal of talk about the possibility of a prequel spinoff show. I believe there is a lot content written by George RR Martin to create a great spinoff. Last week it was confirmed that not only would there be one spinoff but FOUR! Both writers from the original series David Benioff and Dan Weiss have confirmed they will be producing the new TV shows. George RR Martin will also be producing but none of them will be writing for the new series.

When spinoffs go wrong they go horribly wrong.  

One of the most famous spinoff flops of all time was Joey, the spinoff to Friends which lasted for a mere 2 seasons. Another TV show that is not doing so well this season is Better Call Saul. Breaking Bad was probably one of the best TV shows of all time. Saul Goodman was one of my favourite characters in the show. I was delighted when other characters were going to be returning to the new spinoff show. But the show has gone from an interesting origin story to being very boring. It is three seasons in and there is still no inkling of Saul Goodman becoming the character that we came to love any time soon

I wonder how much longer Better Call Saul is going to last

Is four spinoffs too much for Game of Thrones? 

The road of TV is paved with bad spinoff shows and to be honest I am worried for Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones have so much content they could go on for several seasons. They have been very cleaver to set a date to finish the current show while it is still good. But with talks for four new spinoff shows could this be the nail in the coffin for Game of Thrones? 

Are we the audience to blame of spinoffs? 

We, the audience are our own worst enemy when it comes TV shows. We discuss shows online and complain when they end. When TV production companies give in and continue a show to meet demand we complain when it’s no good. Should we be more accepting when a show finishes. Grieve the loss of a show that we loved and move on to something else. Make room in our lives for better and different TV content? Should we be accepting and say enough is enough when it comes to our favourite show?
HBO have not given any timeframe for any of the new TV shows. They have said they are going to take their time when it comes to creating the new storylines. Hopefully this will give them plenty of scope to explore new ideas for the new series. Regardless of what the new shows are going to be like I am still going to watch the new take on Westeros while I sadly say goodbye the Game of Thrones I have come to love