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The best Super Bowl ads for 2017 you have to watch

budweiser super bowl ad

The annual event of the Super Bowl not only brings the best American football teams together but also the best entertainment.  My favourite part of the Super Bowl is the brilliant Super Bowl ads that are released during the game. The ads are expensive. It was reported this year to have cost 5 million for a one-minute advert this year.

All the ads demonstrate different themes. Kia, T-Mobile and Squarespace went with the funnier side to ads. Audi, Budweiser and 87 Lumber had amazing poignant ads. There was even Christopher Walken doing an NSync song!

I have also included below some of my favourite Movie and TV show trailers shown during the Super Bowl ad breaks. These include a trailer for the new season of Stranger Things.

Check out my favourite Super Bowl ads for 2017.

Kia – Ft Melissa McCarthy

T-Mobile – Ft Justin Bieber

Budweiser – “Born the Hard Way”

Audi – “Drive Progress”

84 Lumber – “The Full Journey”

Squarespace – Ft John Malkovich

Turbo Tax – Part 1 “Humpty Fall”

Turbotax – Part 2 – “Humpty Hospital”

Wix – Ft Jason Statham and Gal Gadot

Skittles – “Romance”

Bai – Ft Justin Timberlake and Christopher Walken

Netflix – Stranger Things Season 2

Guardians of the Galaxy


Baywatch Movie