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kingsman the golden circle review
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Kingsman The Golden Circle: An old-school Spy Comedy

I was delighted to be invited to the preview screening of Kingsman The Golden Circle last night. There ...
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Dunkirk Movie Review: An excellent depiction of a true war ...

The Plot Over 400,000 British soldiers are stranded on a beach in Dunkirk while waiting to be evacuated ...
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July: what to watch in the Cinema and on Netflix

There is an abundance of great TV shows and Movies being released on Netflix and in the cinema ...
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Miss Sloane: A fast paced movie political die-hards will love

Even though this movie has been released in the states for months Miss Sloane has only recently hit ...
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Logan: A brilliant tribute to Hugh Jackman’s 17 year performance

The Plot This movie is set in 2029 where Logan is left to care for an elderly Professor ...
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Hidden Figures: The American Bio-Pic you must watch this year

Last week I got a sneak preview of Hidden Figures in Cineworld in Dublin The Plot This movie ...
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La La Land: How this movie broke my heart into ...

This week I took a spontaneous trip to the cinema to see La La Land. (Well I don’t ...