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What to expect from the Tech world in 2017


The tech industry is always changing and 2017 is going to be no different. Last year we saw so many advancements. From Virtual Reality becoming more popular, the end of 3D TVs and some tech going on fire!

Here is what to expect from tech in 2017.

Virtual Reality

While I imagine many VR headsets were bought this Christmas, virtual reality is still in its infancy. As I mentioned in my previous article VR has a good bit to go. Everyone acknowledges that VR will change the way we interact and use technology in the future. You can get a cheap VR headset from 10 euros but they are only novelty products.

If you want to get the ultimate experience in VR at present, the HTC Headset is one of the best available right now. However, this will set you back around 800 euros. The biggest problem VR is facing at the moment is the expense and having the technology that is compatible with it. Many companies are currently working on wireless VR headsets. These that will allow the user to have free movement. This is proving to be very difficult as VR headsets will need to have enough power without the need to physically connecting to a computer.

The big advancement you may see this year is “merged reality”. This is gaming software which interacts with your surroundings. It will change the objects in the room to merge into the game. It’s kind of like augmented reality but a step or two beyond that. I can imagine it will be like the virtual reality episode in Season 3 of Black Mirror. Though hopefully not as scary:-(.



HTC have already thrown down the gauntlet for 2017 by releasing their HTC U Ultra and HTC U-Play. Samsung is also set to release their new line of phones in Spring 2017. After the dreadful year, they had with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, The whole note phone device might be abandoned altogether.

2017 is also the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone. It is expected they are going to go all out this year with their iPhone. It is rumored that the new phone will not have a home button and a curved display. There have been so many predictions over the years with iPhones. We will have to wait and see on this one.


After the success of the Google’s smartphone Google Pixel, It is rumored that Google is going to expand their hardware line. A Google computer is on the cards with a revived Google Chrome and an OS called Andromeda.

It is said Google is going to launch their own line of watches in 2017 to try to compete with Apple watches.

Social Media is going to be more like Snapchat

As people are downloading less and fewer apps the two big winners last year were Snapchat and Uber. However, everyone is jumping on the Snapchat bandwagon now. Last week Facebook launched their own stories feature. This feature, of course, looks exactly like Instagram Stories who have stated they took inspiration from Snapchat. I think this year will be a tough one for Snapchat. They will need to up their game to keep up with these social media sites. If Snapchat doesn’t act quickly people will migrate to the other social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram have an advantage as they are easier to use and discover more interesting accounts.

Nintendo Switch

You may have seen the ads already, Nintendo Switch is making waves. This gaming device can be handheld or used with your TV. This could be the biggest tech advancement for the company since the game boy. It is such a simple idea I’m surprised no major gaming company thought of it before.



From delivering parcels, taking amazing videos to herding sheep, drones are more popular than ever. With drones becoming more affordable and the rise of “selfie drones” you are going to be seeing more drones flying around this year.


Self-Driving Cars

We heard a lot last year about Uber piloting new self-driving cars, Most Car companies are now advancing their products to be self-driving. These cars are not fully there 100% yet and still need to have a driver to take over in certain situations. Of course, this new tech is very expensive at present and it will be a long time before self-driving cars become mainstream. With Uber expanding their self-driving program in 2017, more people will get the opportunity to at least be a passenger in the car.



2016 saw the end of 3D tvs. While this gimmick lasted for a while it is not something that will be continuing into the future. The latest in TV tech advancement for 2016 was 4K. This made images on-screen more defined and better quality. In 2017 if you are planning on buying a TV what you will need to look for is OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diode. OLED again will further the advancements of 4K adding more detail to colors on the screen.

Artificial Intelligence

I remember the days where people became impressed when my old camera would pick up on someone’s face. AI has now gone onwards and upwards since then. Last year we saw facebook extensions that call out the images it sees on its feed, which is particularly helpful for visually impaired. Some of this tech has been around for a while it is only now that it is coming into its own. Of course, Artificial Intelligence in robotics is always continuing to grow. I don’t think 2017 is going to be the year where robots rise up and conquer the world, China will continue to establish themselves as the leading country for AI research. I leave you here with Mobile Geeks talking to a robot