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The House: A slapstick comedy that is just too silly

Visual effects3.7
Character portrayal6.8
4.5Overall Score

Last week I got the opportunity to watch a preview screening of a comedy starring Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler called The House.

The plot

When Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler find out their daughters college scholarship has been cancelled, they team up with their neighbour Jason Mantzoukas (known for Brooklyn 99) to create and illegal casino in his home in order to pay for schooling. As word gets out amongst their neighbours and more people attend the secret casino, trouble ensues.The police are gaining suspicion. Gangsters as well as the local town treasurer are after their money. Will they manage to get away with it?

The cast

The main characters that Will, Amy and Jason portray hold the whole movie together but the script and the storyline let these great comedians down. Often times the story is so slapstick it becomes downright silly and sacrifices the story for a good punchline which does not pay off. There are a few cameos in this movie like Jeremy Renner. It felt like these cameos were thrown in for the sole purpose to say they were in the movie.

What I think of the movie.

There were a few good laughs in the movie which I chuckled at along with everyone else, however Will and Amy are better than this movie. You could see it was on the verge of being a good movie but the storyline was lost along the way. This will not become a classic Will/ Amy move.

Do I recommend this movie?

I would probably watch it again if it came on the TV and there was nothing better on. I don’t know if that statement really endorses it. If you are going to the cinema, spend your money on watching something else.

Watch the trailer for The House below