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The travel TECH accessories I always bring with me on vacation

When you love your tech accessories as much as I do, planning what to bring on holidays is key. There are some items I could not travel without and they come with me everywhere I go around the globe.

Here are my favourite travel tech accessories I always have to hand on vacation.

PRO TIP: a week before your holidays check all your devices are fully charged. I usually make the mistake of leaving it until the night before meaning something ends up not getting charged. 🙈


Portable Chargers

I have a confession to make. I have an obsession with portable chargers. I tend to go overboard when it comes to portable chargers. I usually bring two or even three portable chargers with me on holidays.  I often get FOLB when travelling (Fear of Loosing Battery).  I hate recharging chargers all the time when on vacation so as a precaution I bring a few chargers with me.

The best portable charger I have is Dark Energy. It can charge your phone fully 5 times and works for other larger devices such as a tablet. You can also charge two items at once which is an added bonus. This currently retails online for 99 dollars

TK Maxx is great for cheap tech products

If you want something that is cheap and will still charge your phone on the go, the best place to buy a charger that is affordable and nice looking is TK Maxx. They always have great deals on portable chargers between 15-20 euro. I got both these chargers in TK Maxx and they are great for a day trip or if you need something in an emergency. The one on the left will charge your phone once and the one at the right is slightly better and will change 1/&1/2 times.

Compact Mirror Portable Charger

One of my other favourite chargers is a Retouch Blush Compact Mirror Charger I picked this one up at a bloggers conference last year. It looks really cute and will charge the phone twice over. It also came with a cable and a connector to attach the cable to a plug meaning you didn’t need to bring a second cable. This product was pricey (around 45 euro) and the cable ended up breaking on me. It’s still really cute  and works fine but I don’t think it was worth 45 euro.



Whenever I see people talk about travelling and earphones I always see people mention the Frends headphones. There are lots of pictures on Instagram of glamorous people who I can only imagine are listening to something cool with their Frends headphones. Unfortunately I don’t have lots of money to cough up for these headphones so I make do with what I have. Even if I decided to buy them knowing my luck I would probably lose them or break them. I always bring my iPhone earphones to use on the plane and the converter cable that I now have to use with anything else other than my iPhone. (thanks a bunch apple!!) I also love this cute earphone splitter in the photo above. You never know when you want to share a song or a funny video with someone.

I also bring my PUGZ wireless earphones. I know I would probably survive with one pair of earphones but they are so small and don’t take up much space I might as well throw them into the bag.


My Kindle

I was heartbroken when I left my Kindle on a flight from Cork to London. This was the first flight of three to Vietnam. I didn’t realise I had left it on the plane until I took off on another flight from London. This meant I had no Kindle for the rest of the 16 hour journey!!! I find it relaxing to read a book especially on a long flight. The Kindle is lightweight and you can preload as many books as you want on it.

My iPhone

Out of all my TECH products I bring on holidays this is the most important. I take all my holiday photos on my phone. Preload maps and interesting things to do. I always make sure I have my phone fully charged before I set out on my trip and that I clear enough storage on my phone to take as much photos as I want. Here are handy tips to clear iPhone space if you’re nearing capacity

Phone stands

Did you know you can now pre download movies and TV shows from Netflix to watch offline? Most long haul flights now have an entertainment system but for 3 hour flights they usually do not have this feature. I always bring some sort of phone stand with me to hold my phone while I watch a TV show or movie.

I have three phone stands that vary but essentially do the same job. I usually bring one of these with me.

Spider stand

This Spider Stand is great as you can move it in any shape to suit your phone and angle. You can also use art of it to hang it off of the back of the chair in front of you on a flight so it is at a better viewing angle. I have had this for over 6 years and it is still in good shape.

Pig stand

I got this during a TECH accessories Haul in Pennys. It was really cheap about 50c and you can use it with any phone.

Credit Card Stand

I got this product with Kickstarter for 5 euro. The great advantage with this is it will fit in your wallet taking up very little space. However with bigger phones I feel it is going to tip over and is not as sturdy as I would like.


If you’re bringing tech accessories you have to bring cables to charge them. I always bring one or two USB cables with me. If you want to keep them neat in your bag invest in some page grips to keep them from unravelling. there are really nice ones in Pennys right now for €1.30.  I also put them into a small bag with my earphones and portable chargers so that they are all in one place and keeps my bag organised. (If only I was this organised when I am not on holidays!)

Travel Electric toothbrush.

This is a lifesaver. I love this travel electric toothbrush as I’m still getting an electric toothbrush but it also has a cover so dirt and grime in my bag doesn’t stick to the brush head. The battery lasts a long time as well. I have had it for three years and I have never had to change the batteries.

If you want to find out some of my favourite carry-on packing tips click on the link here.


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